The owner of the skin is as beautiful as possible. Zhang Wanwan ordered the family to buy the first four things, and he went out to find beautiful human skins. Coincidentally, as soon as Zhang Wanwan went out, he met a father and daughter who had come from a foreign country. The girl looked like a fairy. Zhang Baiwan was moved, and before the father and daughter met other people, he quickly invited them into his home, saying that he wanted to invite them to sing a day in his house. The father and daughter were very happy after listening, and quickly followed Zhang Wanwan into Zhang Mansion. Zhang Wanwan took the father and daughter to the firewood room, and then called in a few families outside the door, and tied the father and daughter strong with rope. After Zhang Wanwan ordered his servants to take care of the father and daughter, he immediately went to Zhao Wugen’s home and asked Zhao Wugen to change the skin.