We should have seen lanterns when we were young. Every Chinese New Year or important festivals, every household will hang a lantern, which means auspicious and festive. However, the more festive and auspicious things, if they are not used for a long time, they will attract some Something unclean, my friend Jin Yufei encountered this.

Jin Yufei is a native of Gaoyou. The double-yolk eggs there are well-known at home and abroad, but what everyone doesn’t know is that the lanterns there are also very well made, beautiful and durable. It’s just that since every family has cement brick houses without eaves, the lanterns have nowhere to be placed, and they are naturally abandoned. Now it is difficult to find lanterns in Gaoyou houses. But last winter vacation, my classmate came home and saw a bright lantern in the house of his hometown. It was just a scary thing. Jin Yufei said that his belief in his life might have been changed because of this.

During the winter vacation, Jin Yufei returned to his hometown alone, his parents had not yet returned home, and his grandparents had already passed away, so Jin Yufei could only wait with the computer. That night, Jin Yufei had a whim, thinking of a warehouse in his backyard with some old things in it, so he wanted to take a look. I opened the warehouse door and saw that a lantern inside turned on. The red light illuminated the entire warehouse. Looking at this lantern, Jin Yufei felt warm in his heart, remembering the funny stories of his childhood, and couldn’t help laughing. Jin Yufei jumped up and down like a child, and finally tired of playing, Jin Yufei fell asleep lying in the cotton pile in the warehouse.

In the middle of the night, Jin Yufei heard the sound of “chichi”, and didn’t know if it was really loud, or if she did not sleep deeply. Jin Yufei got up curiously and took a look. It didn’t matter if I looked at it, Jin Yufei saw that the lantern’s flame had turned green, and a cyan human figure that seemed to be entangled in water plants was blowing around the lantern. It’s a pity that the air blown out by this cyan humanoid always has no effect on the light of the lantern. But these were not what made Jin Yufei scared. What made Jin Yufei scared was that the cyan human figure turned around. Except for one face, the body was full of bones. That face had no eyes and no mouth, but it had a piece of skin. Covered, it looks different. The cyan human figure blew on the lantern for a long time, but it was still useless. At this time, the cyan human figure didn’t know why, so he put his finger in the lantern, and the flame suddenly became bigger because the finger was already burning. The cyan humanoid looked very happy when he saw it, and broke his entire arm and put it inside to burn. Next, it is the whole body, starting from the thighs. While it was burning, it made a sound of “嚯嚯”, and the air was filled with a smell of rotten eggs. The terrified Jin Yufei didn’t dare to get out of the atmosphere, and finally waited until the flame inside the lantern turned red, and the sunlight outside came in, before daring to climb out, walked over to the lantern and took a look. The joint bones are not burned out.

Later, Jin Yufei told his parents about the incident. Both parents said that he was dreaming. When Jin Yufei took out the bone, he was shocked and hurried to ask the master in the temple to take a look. The master first looked at Jin Yufei, then at the bone, shook his head and nodded. Then the master asked Jin Yufei to fetch the lantern and told Jin Yufei’s parents: It turns out that there are many ghosts drowning in the river that cannot be reborn. Only by dragging people into the water and drowning as a substitute can you survive. There are some ghosts who can go ashore by chance, but they are drowned in front of the water and feel cold all over. They always want to find a place with fire to warm up, but the electric light is a virtual fire and has no temperature. Only this open flame can be useful. It’s just that some ghosts are eager to be warm, and they feel more comfortable and happy by burning themselves, but in the future they will attach themselves to this lantern and cannot leave. Jin Yufei’s parents were terrified when they heard that, and asked the master to help deal with the matter. The master nodded and said: “Go and buy a bottle of liquor, three sticks of incense, three yellow yuan and three firecrackers.” Jin Yufei quickly bought it after hearing it. The master poured the liquor into three cups, lit three sticks of incense and inserted them into the incense burner, and set off the firecrackers after burning three yellow yuan. Next, the master called Jin Yufei, handed him the lantern, and said: “Put the lantern inside the large incense burner outside.” After Jin Yufei did the same, he found that the master had tied the bone with a red string and handed it to Jin Yufei: “My child, wearing it is good for you.” The master did not say what good it was. However, Jin Yufei said that now he is better than before, and he has grown taller. I smiled at his less than 1 meter height, but Jin Yufei took out the bone necklace and I hurriedly fled.