Editor’s note: Lonely spirits and wild ghosts attached to the woman’s body, hurting many girls, the leftover dog finally reunited with Wan’er, and no one lived in the house. Concise writing, looking forward to masterpieces!

It’s almost 15th July. Because parents are old, the task of returning home to worship the ancestors falls on the shoulders of our young people, walking in the long-lost village, watching the rows New houses, straight asphalt roads, my hometown is so beautiful and it has changed a lot.

When passing by grandma’s old house, I couldn’t help but look more. Although grandma’s old house has been replaced by a tall new tiled house, there is still a shadow of grandma’s old house in my heart. , And the voice of grandma and grandpa.

Just beside the old house of grandma, there is an old house with ruined walls and overgrown weeds. After a long time, there is still a gloomy feeling. Since the grandfather’s generation began, adults always warned their children not to get close to this old house, which is not clean. Naturally, our parents will not forget to warn their children. At that time, I was young. I just listened to the adults saying that I didn’t feel too scared. I always ran away to the shabby when the adults were away. The old mansion, with the help of the broken wall, looked inward, hoping to see the unclean thing that the adults said, but it never fulfilled my wish, every time it was a disappointment. .

With the passage of time, I gradually grew up, with the enrichment of cultural knowledge, I no longer believe in any unclean things. But to this day, people are still reluctant to rebuild their new houses on the foundation of this old house. They still stay away. From time to time, they still hear some people admonish their children: “Stay away from that old house. Clean.”

That was an age of chaos, war, poverty, disease, all devouring people’s lives. In order for people to survive, many families let their sons eat food to serve as soldiers, just to save a little ration, and the government provides a pitiful little allowance to military members one bucket of food a year.

This is an ordinary family, a family of three, a mother, a father, and a half-elder son. In order to support him, he named the youngest son “Dog Leftovers”. Because of poverty in the family, the older brothers and sisters on the leftovers of the dog were all killed by disease or starvation. The two elders finally took up the young son and prepared to marry the son-in-law to continue the incense for the next generation.

The two old men tried their best and finally married a beautiful girl from the neighboring village, Wan’er, for the leftover dog. The girl is not only beautiful, but also kind and filial. Neighbors from the neighbourhood, you give me a bowl of noodles, I give two eggs, and he gave me an old dress. They are all very happy for this family. Let us congratulate them.

The dog leftover looked at such a beautiful bride in front of him, and didn’t know where to put it. For a while, he was afraid that Waner would be hungry and take it to eat. After a whileAfraid of freezing, bring clothes. Amused everyone, laughter: “The dog is left, don’t even be reluctant to sleep with the bride.” Everyone teased. The leftover dog knows what to do with this bride. There are already a lot of uncles and aunts. The older brother and sister-in-law have taught the leftover dog. The leftover dog blushed and lowered his head and replied: “Who says I can’t bear it, I know Be light.” Everyone’s tears burst into laughter.

Maybe it’s because of getting tired of marrying a son and a daughter-in-law, and the parents of the leftover son are all sick. The leftover dog knew that his mother and father were tired from marrying a daughter-in-law, and the increase in population in the family. The father and mother were unwilling to eat to get sick. The leftover dog knew that after paying the gift and two grains, there was only one thing in the family. The food has been eaten, what should we do for the rest of the day?

The leftover dog is thinking about going, only to go this way-eat wolves as soldiers. Regardless of the cries of his parents and Wan’er’s dissuasion, the leftover dog resolutely went to the village office to sign up for the army, and received the first year’s subsidy-a bucket of grain.

The night before joining the army, the leftover dog repeatedly told Wan’er: “Wan’er, you must wait for me to come back and be filial to my parents.” Wan’er was originally. A filial daughter-in-law, listening to the words of the leftover dog, tears streaming down her eyes. Wan’er knew that the leftover dog could not worry about her parents, let alone her. Wan’er told the dog’s leftover son: “Don’t worry, no matter when you come back, I will wait for you, and I will be filial to your parents. Don’t worry. You just remember that you must come back. Don’t let Wan’er take a long time. Wait.” The young couple cried, and did the husband and wife for the last time. It was bright.

Early in the morning, people came to the village office one after another. Some parents gave their sons, and some wives gave their husbands. They cried. Wan’er also came with her in-laws to see off the leftover son of the dog. Her parents knew that the son who went to serve as a soldier didn’t know if she could see him again. The bullets didn’t have eyes on the battlefield. Parents and mothers took the leftover dog’s arm, wherever she was willing to let go, Wan’er held her in-laws in tears.