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Author| Liu Ran

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Huang Guangyu’s first big move after his return has appeared-on August 13, Gome announced the establishment of Gome Online Platform Company and appointed Xiang Hailong (Formerly Senior Vice President of Baidu, President of Search Company) is the CEO of an online platform company, fully responsible for the company’s operation and management, and directly in charge of the daily management of the information technology system.

For online business, Gome has to rush. After all, as time changes, e-commerce platforms have been iterated countless, but Gome has not received too many online dividends. At the same time, Gome has returned to the background of the market, and the home appliance landscape is undergoing a round of reorganization. Can Gome keep the first name and last name in this round of reshuffle? The burden on Xiang Hailong is not light.

Introducing Xianghailong

Xiang Hailong was once Baidu’s “second in command.” Xiang Hailong joined Baidu in February 2005 and worked at Baidu for 14 years. He was once in charge of Baidu’s core search business, explored Baidu’s commercial realization direction, and reported to Robin Li.

After joining Baidu through the acquisition of Qilang, regardless of whether it is leading the sales team to maintain a growth rate of over 200% for three consecutive years(2005), or Baidu surpassed CCTV to become China’s largest advertising service platform (2013), or its rocket-like rise in Baidu’s status, both Xiang Hailong’s highlights time and time again in Baidu.

However, in May 2019, Baidu announced that Xiang Hailong had resigned and his position was replaced by Shen Dou. It was time for Baidu to release its first quarterly report for 2019. The financial report data showed that Baidu suffered a loss for the first time in the quarter, with a net loss of RMB 327 million. Among them, search services and transaction services led by Xiang Hailong grew by only 8% year-on-year, and net profit fell by as much as 90% year-on-year.

Xiang Hailong is not parachuting to Gome at this moment