Editor’s note: The delicate and elegant light narrative, with a hazy haze covering the story, makes it impossible to see the whole picture. The author’s pen is delicate and elegant, narrating a weird and bizarre story about the protagonist’s heart. This may be because the protagonist is too melancholy, always thinking about some fantasy things, the story is happening on top of this. The taste of it can only be experienced by the reader.

On the street where people come and go, there is always a lonely soul among the hustle and bustle. They put on their body coats, their eyes were dim, and they walked on the road without knowing their names, looking for salvation everywhere. Occasionally, they also need a corner to stop vain footsteps.

A fortune-teller, with long hair, uses a branch of a whisker to pin off the snow-white hair bun. Although there is no fairy posture of feathering and soaring, he barely pretends to be a fairy wind The taste of bones. He sat on a stool made of vines and closed his eyes. He didn’t look at the people walking by him, and he didn’t yell “fortune telling?” Experts are silent, he thinks. He waited patiently. For a long time, shadows obstructed the sun in front of him, and the fortune-teller immediately opened his presbyopic eyes.

“Are you fortune-telling?” He wanted to ask, but he looked at his yellow, white, and white robe because of the dust on his body, and he abruptly held back . “The expert is silent.” He said in his heart, and slowly closed his eyes.

The girl didn’t look at the fortune teller. She stared at the gossip picture painted on top of him and written two big words “Gossip”. I don’t know what kind of cloth it is. Stall, in a daze.

“What can kill people in the world?” She said suddenly, her voice was young, but her face was sickly pale, like a ghost hiding in the dark Not adapted to appear during the day.

The fortune-teller opened his eyes slowly, glanced at the girl slowly, and asked in a deep voice: “Is there anything in the world that can’t kill people?”

< br/> The girl did not answer and the conversation was stopped. After a while, the fortune-teller saw that the girl was not leaving or speaking, and couldn’t help but ask: “Are you fortune-telling?”

The girl shook her head, she turned, looked up at the sun “The sun here is pretty good, can I sit for a while?”

“Then you sit farther and don’t block my stall.” The fortune teller pointed to him On the steps behind him, he said: “Sit down there.” After thinking about it, he took a folding stool by his feet and handed it to the girl, returning to the original state.

The girl put the folded stool aside and sat directly on the low steps. She hugged her bent legs with her hands, basking in the sun, and her eyes gradually closed.