The person passed away, joined in the fun, and I saw Wang Auntie that I saw last night. No, it was so late yesterday, and I was still doing it, and I passed away today. It’s okay to think about it again, now some acute illnesses are quick.

After a while, I said, doesn’t he like singing very much? It’s still the same. When I came back late, when I passed by the flower bed, wasn’t this Uncle Zhao, “Uncle, it’s so late, why do you sleep?” Same, Uncle Zhao passed away when he came back from get off work tomorrow.

Netizens are a little panicked. No, it’s a coincidence. Why I saw it at night and I would die the next day.

Actually, it’s okay to think about it, so comfort yourself. After a long time, I came back very late again. It was a little rainy today, and I walked quickly. It’s still on the edge of the flower bed, and it’s raining today and he’s still a person, the grandson of the community. “Oh, Brother Sun, what are you doing? Why don’t you go back to sleep?” Brother Sun died the next day.

Netizens quickly moved out of this community, and since then, they dare not go out at night.