Wow… a ghost?

Had ghosts started thief too?

The location of the ghost stealing incident: Fengshan, Weiwuying District.

Time of occurrence: April 1971.

Witnesses: Zhang Hongda; Chen Jinlong.

Related notes: According to reports, weapons and weapons in military camps around the world are often stolen. The results of the investigation also show that most of them are caused by internal or “internal magical powers and external ghosts”. . However, there are some stolen scenes that not only cannot be found, but even the stolen scenes are full of radiation phenomena known to earth science.

Oh! That’s right, the related notes mentioned above are a bit sci-fi. Those who do good things may speculate that it was done by “aliens”. Take it back and study our earth sciences how many years behind them, right?

Hey! I think so too!

Of course, although what we are going to talk about in this story will not involve such a serious event that is of great concern to mankind, but it is not ordinary theft.

Everyone knows that there are thieves and three hands everywhere. The military is the epitome of a big society, and it is inevitable that there will be a soldier who can’t help itching for a while, and secretly “takes” away public property or the private property of fellow brothers; if he commits this kind of problem in the military, he will have to catch it. Heavy punishment.

However, some theft incidents are just weird. The investigations are headless and disorderly, and there is no clue to follow. After a long time, even after a few months of investigation, they are listed as ” “Archive for future reference” is actually nothing, it is too numerous to mention. I have seen a lot of thefts in the army that are regarded as “headless cases” above, and many of them are after the so-called ghost and evil phenomena, which are really worthy of investigation.

In early April of the 1960s, I was sent to the Fengshan Weiwu camp in Kaohsiung to receive 50 machine gun training before I was trained in the NCO team. Such a strange thing happened once, and now I still suspect that it is a “ghost” by aliens! Do not believe? Look down again…

That night, the light-off signal hadn’t sounded. Zhang Hongda, who has always been a self-proclaimed lover, was lying on the bed and reluctantly flipping through his ordinary book. It’s a very tight, gilded album “Love Journey” that will never be shared by others! The album is full of pictures of Peugeot girls, I saw Demi, Hepburn, mushrooms, clear soup noodles, various hairstyles, half-length, full-body sultry gestures, dozens of beautiful girls fighting for beauty, let Zhang Hongda Appreciate the evaluation.

“Wow game! Praise!” Qiuzai and Chen Jinlong lying on both sides of him shouted with relish.

“Hey! Correct this!” ChenJin Long pointed to a photo of a long-haired beauty and wanted to take it out, but Zhang Hongda blocked it.

“Da Zi! You are really a sweetheart. You can’t run away if you look at the photos. Why are you so stingy?” Qiu Zi was a little unconvinced by the side.

“Cough!” Zhang Hongda didn’t ridicule him, but after a deliberate cough, he laughed: “Don’t talk nonsense, they are all me The pen pals we made before joining the army and the colleagues in the textile factory, we all maintain a pure friendship!”

“Don’t be pretending!” Chen Jinlong said tastefully: “Everyone knows that you have got so many photos in half a month, so you dare to pretend that you are a pure, good baby?”

“Hey! You have to think about it, I too Don’t worry about it!” Zhang Hongda showed an old treacherous smile, while pulling out four photos from the album and putting them in his pocket.

“I’m standing at eleven o’clock tonight, and I take one out every half an hour and put it in the guard box as a companion. Do you think it’s great?”
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“Hua Xin Daluo really has a lot of tricks, then should I borrow a few to share?” Chen Jinlong said as he wanted to take photos.

“No! Gentlemen don’t take advantage of others!” Zhang Hongda hurriedly pressed the album with his hands, “They are all my “horse”, who knew you stared at the photos all night, What are you thinking about in your head?”

“Fuck me! If you don’t borrow, don’t borrow, where is this great principle? It seems that you are the only one in the world who are the most serious…” Chen Jinlong held back Annoyed, he turned his head, but he said with a smile: “Ha! Don’t forget that we are both standing guard at the side door tonight. If you want to fish or smoke, don’t think I will help you out! “

What he said made Zhang Hongda startled, “Good boy, I actually scratched my itchy place!” Then he took out two photos reluctantly. give him.

“Only two? The petty ghost…” Chen Jinlong originally wanted to say a few words to Zhang Hongda. Unexpectedly, when the lights went off, the squad leader Liu, who was on duty, walked over with a face. It’s going to bed, what are you still chatting about?”

“No wow! We’re just looking at photos…” Zhang Hongda hurriedly covered his album.