Fujiki stood in front of the door, and the night was a bit cold. The other courtyard looked gloomy and heavy under the night. The black hole-like windows seemed to be a pair of empty and deep eye sockets. He stretched his shirt and looked behind him. Several men and women hid in the corner and waved their hands at Fujiki,

“Go in! Don’t be foolish!” The taller boy named Suzuki Hiroshi covered his mouth with his hands. He shouted, with a bad smile in his eyes. Several girls secretly laughed after hearing this.

Fujiki snorted and pushed open the door that opened easily. The moment he entered, the door slowly closed with a muffled bang. As if being manipulated somewhere, Fujiki’s heart jumped.

A trivial voice came from the living room, and Fujiki stretched out his head in surprise, swallowed and trembled: “Hello, is anyone home?” It’s a bit of an idiot to ask. Because anyone who lives nearby knows that this is the famous Gayazi Haunted House in Tokyo, and it is a terrifying place that is constantly being watched on TV. How could anyone be there! ?

The college girl who was in good physiology accidentally broke into the big house because she was a volunteer. She accidentally found a mysterious and strange boy who suddenly appeared but disappeared…

< br/> The youth who failed the judicial examination brutally killed five family members and then hanged himself. In the cassette recorded before his death, accompanied by the voice of the youth “Go, I will go”, and the voice of a chilling girl.

Xiaoqian, a high school student, discovered that this was the voice of a friend in elementary school in the future. The future is also a victim of a murder incident. Xiaoqian had a strong inspiration since she was a child, and the future, wearing a yellow hat and carrying a red schoolbag, suddenly appeared in front of her… www.guidaye.com 鬼故事

Jia Yun (Sarah Michel El Gela) is an American exchange student who went to Japan to study, and takes care of a nurse in his spare time. When she came to a house in the outskirts of Tokyo, all kinds of horrors happened…

This series of horrors were enough to defeat Fujiki’s last line of defense in this dead silence. He stopped paying attention to the strange noise in the living room, and turned around to open the door. Anyway, he had already fulfilled the bet. If he goes out now, it is not a breach of contract, right?

The more nervous he is, the less open the door will be. He suddenly realized that the door was locked.

“Anyone?” Fujiki felt a wave of fear gradually spreading. He couldn’t help but walked slowly along with curiosity. When he reached the corner of the living room, he still didn’t dare to open his eyes. He just looked at the ground and repeated the sentence again: “Is anyone?” suddenly! A pair of dead gray feet ran past his eyes quickly, Fujiki screamed and raised his head, only a black and white TV was playing in the dim living room.In the same scene, it was a lonely and deserted forest with a well in the middle. Fujiki looked around again, there was no figure left.

He breathed a sigh of relief, patted his chest and took out his phone, asking friends outside to help him figure out how to open the door.

However, the mobile phone has no signal at all. It’s just that the bright screen suddenly becomes a selfie mode. The black camera hides Fujiki’s suddenly dreadful face. He squinted, strangely. , Is it a wrong press? He was about to close the selfie. After all, looking at his face, he always felt fuzzy, but at that moment, on the screen, a head wrapped in hair appeared on Fujiki’s shoulder, and his throat was pulling. The weird voice of the pimp rang softly in his ears.

Fujiki was taken aback and lost his cell phone. The sound stopped at this time, and he turned his head stiffly. The dim yellow light that had been on was flashing violently at this time, the instantaneous darkness gradually became longer, and unknown fear was rising behind him. Suddenly there was a black shadow, very blurry, and his face could not be seen clearly, like a scorched corpse, those pale eyeballs stared at him firmly.

Then, a scream that rang through the haunted house cut through the dead silence.

“Um, I was scared to death so soon, it’s so boring.” Sombra took two steps forward and probed the scared Fujiki Sniffing, his eyes turned up, foaming at the mouth, and his breathing had stopped.

The dead gray Junxiong walked out of the darkness while holding the black cat with his mouth open. “Ah, it’s too cunning. I only played for a while, and only showed my feet.”

The shadow sighed slightly: “You turn off the TV. Oh, it’s so noisy.”

Junxiong nodded, put the cat down to turn off the TV, and complained from time to time: “This kind of TV is still used these days, it’s too dirty, let’s Let’s change it, huh? Strange, the TV can’t be turned off.”

The black shadow looked up impatiently and saw a female ghost who looked like her crawling in the well on the TV. come out. She slowly crawled out of the well, and then crawled towards the TV camera.

The black shadow sneered: “This show is too low-level. The female ghost imitates me. Hey, I am always imitated but never surpassed. Just unplug the power.”

Junxiong nodded again, unplug the power obediently, but unfortunately the TV is still on when the power is unplugged. At that time, the female ghost in the TV had already climbed to the TV port, and a close-up of her pale paper face was in front of her. The next moment, Soi Ying and Junxiong were shocked, the female ghost actually stretched out her hand slowly, her whole body Is climbing vigorously outwards.

“Damn, who are you?” This was the first sentence the female ghost said from the TV.

Junxiong joked around the female ghost twice, and couldn’t help but poke her twice. Then he jumped excitedly and said; “Wow, I touched a woman for the first time since I was a ghost!”

The female ghost’s face began to cramp and gave him a chestnut. “Damn, you kid, impolite! Where the hell is here? I’m obviously going to be scary, people?”

“People are here.” Shadow pointed. Pointing to Fujiki, who was lying motionless on the ground, said lightly.

The female ghost shook her hair and cursed: “Damn, people are dead and scared, go home!” Yanbi she crawled into the TV again. Junxiong suddenly stepped forward and grabbed the corner of her clothes and said, “You play with me.”

The female ghost shook her head. “Fuck me, go away.” www.guidaye.com Ghost Story

The shadow on the side finally couldn’t bear it. She folded her hands, threw her hair away, and shouted, “I Damn! Can’t you stop relying on me!!!”