What are the main examinations in the obstetrics and gynecology department

Nowadays, women are more and more likely to suffer from gynecological diseases. However, people already know that they have to go to the hospital after they get sick, so that they can recover as quickly as possible. For gynecological diseases, it is natural to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital for examination and treatment. So, what does the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology check?

The hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department is mainly divided into gynecology, obstetrics and family planning. Among them, the obstetrics department is mainly used to study the pregnancy, childbirth and delivery related inspection process of pregnant women, so women should go to the hospital’s obstetrics for examination after pregnancy. Gynecology is mainly used to check female gynecological diseases. If women have menstrual disorders, cervicitis and other diseases in their lives, they can go to the gynecology department for examinations to understand their physical conditions.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is a department for examination and treatment of the female reproductive system, which provides a lot of convenience and assistance for women’s health. Gynecological examination is mainly composed of three parts: general examination, abdominal examination and pelvic examination, which helps to fully understand the situation of female reproductive organs.

However, because gynecological examinations need to detect private parts, many women are unwilling to undergo examinations, which is not conducive to treating physical problems. After all, a gynecological examination is one of the most basic means of finding the cause, which can help doctors understand the physical condition of women. Therefore, when women grow up, they must treat gynecological examinations with a rational attitude, and do not use colored glasses to treat gynecological examinations.