There are two main groups of fund managers, the research group who is a researcher and the combat group who is a trader. But no matter which school, they are basically dead in these majors: economics, finance, accounting, management, computer and science and engineering. The current trend is more and more towards computers and mathematics. Even as long as you are good at math, you don’t need to study finance.

Of course, a professional background is not enough. If you want to enter the industry threshold, you also need various certification endorsements. From basic banking, securities practice certificate, domestic and foreign economist, accountant certificate, to CFA\CPA\FRM\ACCA. If computer-related is added, it is basically not on the research, or on the way to the research.

No matter how dazzling your resume, how brilliant your past experience, as long as your performance is not good, you will only face being forced to resign


It can be said that excellent fund managers are all fighters who have survived the rain of bullets. They have extraordinary talents.

Professional skills, strong willpower, and hard work that ordinary people can’t match.

They can manage a huge amount of money, let the bulls and bears reincarnate, stand tall, and have gone through all kinds of extreme situations and have been tested for a long time. Yes

Excellent in absolute sense. It is precisely because of this that fund companies will offer the best treatment to allow them to manage the most capital.

And investors will vote with their feet and give them the money.