The sound of the piano outside the window is broken, my imagination is absolutely beautiful. Ghost story www.guidaye.com

Will you and I become butterflies? I ask you, if you don’t answer, just like the last time you talked on the phone, all you showed me was a boundless silence.

Before I approach you, I must first get rid of all the flowers and plants that I know. They are born in autumn and spring, once a year, life is unlimited. If when we are flying with each other, they tell us the secret of reincarnation, tell us the truth of the past lives, awaken our sleeping memories, and pierce our eternal ignorance, then our eyes will be as heavy as a rock and crash on the grass and flowers. Never fly again…

Oh Mai, you wait. After getting rid of the flower card and grass card, I arrived.

At that time, when we flew back to the pavilion again, we would definitely see another pair of men and women sitting there. They were like us, talking loudly in the mighty breeze.