I used to think that there are ghosts in the world.

But later, after following my grandmother, only half-believing thoughts occurred.

At the age of 12, my parents have been working outside for a long time, and I have been left unattended. My body is always in a state of health. Because of this for a long time, my parents decided to put me under the management of my grandma.

Grandma is a well-known wizard in the village. The village organizes funerals, celebrations, and feng shui. Grandma takes care of everything. So when I followed my grandma, I got up boldly. I am a Sagittarius and a curious baby. I have always been. Whenever there is a funeral in the village and my grandma is not at home, I go crazy and run out. My grandma often warns me, Don’t run around at night when you die. The child’s yang is very weak and it’s easy to get dirty things. I never believe these things. These are all deceiving children. When my mother gave me to my grandma, she said “grandma taboo” There are so many things, you have to listen to grandma obediently, and play when it’s time to play.” I always thought that my mother was teaching me to ignore too much and how to play whatever I wanted, so this was the boldest time since I followed my grandma. Fleeing, I heard that the old man at the east end of the village was dead. When I heard the news, it was the first time I was so heartbroken since I was a child. I felt that suddenly a loved one had left. This separation will be permanent. Since I can remember, every time my mother took me to Grandma’s house, I would go to Old Man Li’s house, and every time he saw me, he would say “Oh, my grandson of Old Man Li is here again! See what grandpa hides for you again. “That’s right.” Every time he finished talking, he would go to the corner of the small earthen house and dig for a long time in the small wooden box that appeared for a long time to find boiled eggs, soy milk powder and so on. I would play with him for an afternoon. Old man Li has three This son, the sons are all famous unfilial sons, one is more unfilial than the other. They used to fight for the field of Old Man Li, and the daughter-in-laws occasionally come to see Old Man Li. They can take what they can and should be scolded. Scolded, my wife left early, and the remaining grandchildren were educated by their parents, and every time they came to Li’s house to look for food, they never called grandpa. I heard that he had esophageal cancer. Long-term starvation caused his stomach to contract. A few days before he died, his belly collapsed due to no food. The neighbors in the neighborhood said that the burial was not beautiful, so he added some cotton to his stomach. The clothes were not new, so the sons collected money for a coffin. During the period of wearing the linen and filial piety, drinking and playing, the three-day funeral of Old Man Li was also “grandly” finished. After the death of Old Man Li, the Li family had never been in peace. First, the boss robbed the ancestral house. When the house was renovated to demolish the small earthen house where Old Man Li had hidden things for me, he was smashed by the fallen beams. I heard that it will last a lifetime. The third daughter-in-law has been pregnant for a long time, with a small belly. When she was born, she was a premature baby. The baby’s belly was flat, and she died within three days. The third wife was also stupid. The whole village said that retribution was coming. And every night I dream of Old Man Li’s appearance before his death. When I smile, the lines of the old man who are all over his face are crowded together, so kind. I have never been afraid, but every time I woke up crying, my grandma kept asking me, but IBut I didn’t want to say anything, grandma just heard me call grandpa. After a long time, I always felt that Old Man Li seemed to need my help. Every time before disappearing from my dream, he always stretched out his hand for something. So, I couldn’t help but tell my grandma about it. Her eyes widened suddenly, and she didn’t say anything, but closed the black curtains again, wrote Taoist symbols on the four-corner table, fiddled with her for a long time, burned the symbols, and let me put the’ling water’ I drank it, and then wrote another one, and put the rope soaked in chicken blood around my neck. After that, the old man Li no longer appeared in my dreams, and I felt uncomfortable. If I didn’t see him, I would think and cry even harder. So, a few days later, I tore off the talisman and threw it away.

After that, I still met Old Man Li again in a dream. I woke up from a nap that day, and it was time for lunch. Grandma gathered in a row at the door. Men and women with rice bowls (grandma’s house has a thousand-year-old huai tree at the gate of the street, and grandma said it’s guarding the village and it’s cool under the tree, but it’s a lie to attract people’s excitement. After a long time, they will believe it). Lima raised my ears, “Hey, you guys say that Old Man Li has been dead for so long, so no one burns money. No wonder Mr. Li has something strange.” So it’s okay for the second child’s family.” “Oh, this old man blames the poor old man for raising such three sons, and no one cares about them.” Amidst the sighs of the crowd, I quickly found a plastic bag and took my grandma Pack up the delicious ones and hide them in the urn (cylindrical container for miscellaneous grains) next to the toilet. At night, my grandma will go to the next village to perform the spell. I will come back later. I get up quietly and take the hidden food. And the coins found out of the cabinets (money making: use a model similar to an iron bucket with an ancient copper plate on the bottom of the iron bucket, and the pattern made by hammering on the paper is common). For this reason, I fell heavily and buckled my leg. I saw traces of blood in the soil. I remember my grandmother said that some unhomed ghosts would spend a year on the streets of the village, some were taken away by family members, and they were given away for one day at home to support them. There is no way to go out, because every family offering to the door god will not let me ghosts in, and they will only be recruited after the family has paid for the door god. However, Old Man Li should have no home. His house was demolished by his son. Then he would turn around at the village or in front of the grave. Because Old Man Li’s grave was too far away, I whispered to Grandpa Li, Grandpa Li at the village. If I miss you, I will bring you money and food. No one cares about you. I care about you. Come on. I cried and shouted many times, my throat became hoarse, but I still didn’t want to stop. When I thought of people’s discussion during the day, my heart was sour, and suddenly I felt dark in front of my eyes. One worn shoe came into view, and the other one? Come here, still smiling kindly, it’s just a bit bitter, it’s been a bad time! Thinking about it aggravated the burst of tears. He kept silent. He hugged me like before, and I lost consciousness. Like a normal story, I woke up on my grandma’s kang, and there were no scars on my legs. I quickly jumped off the kang, climbed onto the urn, and looked into the urn with a nervous heart, There is nothing, I feel relieved.

Afterwards, I told my grandma about the incident. My grandma smiled and promised to help me send Old Man Li away. When I was an old man, my grandmother said that children shouldn’t be seen, otherwise they would be tied up for a lifetime. I believe that Old Man Li would not do this. Even if he did, I am very happy. That night, my grandma started to cast the spell again. This time I was completely awake to see the old man Li, still a few shoes~~

The same grandma also saw it, and he whispered again. Afterwards, the old man Li looked at me reluctantly and disappeared. I had forgotten whether I was crying at that time, but my throat was stuck for a while.