This is also a lonely world. I was an orphan before I was alive. I never knew where I came from, and I never knew where I would be today or tomorrow. I have no name, no relatives, and no friends. No one wants to care about me. When I was alive, they said, I am a ghost girl. It’s better now, I have become a real ghost girl. In my opinion, there is no difference between being alive and dead.

It was another month of black and windy night, and the valley was as eerie as ever. I don’t remember how long I have been here, anyway, when I was alive, I came. No one will come to this kind of place except me, so no one knows when I die.

“Ah…” There was a scream, a scream. Immediately afterwards, “bang”, a dull voice, as if something fell on the ground, something very heavy, could it be that who fell from the mountain? No, this mountain is known as the Cliff of Death, and no one will go up.

Let’s go check it out, maybe it’s a horror like me! I walked in search of sound. It is good to be a ghost. No matter how dark the night is, it will not affect me to see anything, but no one will see me. It has nothing to do with light.

Poor man, when I walked over, the blood had shed all over the ground, and he was lying motionless. I helped him turn over. His body is not stiff, but he has no breath. In other words, he is dead. After 12 hours, he will be like me. Then, he will go again. After reincarnation, there is still only me in this valley.

As I carried him back into my cave and wiped the blood on his face, I was taken aback. How could it be him, he is such a good person, how could he encounter such misfortune…

How long ago was that, I don’t know anymore, I just remember that it was me When I first died, my body was lying not far from where he lay today. At that time, I had already passed 12 hours of ignorance, watching my body rotting day by day, but there was nothing I could do. Despair, the feeling that I had never had so much pain before my lifetime was extremely strong at that moment. Maybe when I was alive, there was no hope at all, but no matter what, I don’t want to expose the corpse to the wilderness, I also want to go into the soil for peace. On this day, I finally saw three young people, who seemed to be lost. I wanted to go forward to ask them to help me, but they couldn’t see me at all. I can only hope that they saw my body. One step, two steps, three steps… I saw them walking in the direction of my body, and my heart almost jumped out. “Ah…” With a scream, the three turned around and ran together. I really want to cry, but I have no tears.

I sat weakly next to my body, why is this my body? If it belongs to someone else, I can bury her, but I can’t bury myselfwhat. There was a sound not far away, and I looked over, a young man was digging. It was one of the young people who had just left. He was digging very hard, and I wanted to quietly dry the sweat on his forehead, but new sweat kept oozing out. After digging it out, he held my body and gently put it in. I said, just drag it in, because my body is already smelly. But he couldn’t hear it. He carefully placed my corpse, slowly burying it in the soil little by little, still praying for me “rest in peace!”

But why is he lying here today? Ghost Story

12 hours finally passed, I saw his ghost slowly awakening, I greeted him, he responded mechanically, and then asked what happened whats the matter. “You’re dead.” I said, pointing to his body. The astonishment and pain were all concentrated on his face for an instant.

Black and white impermanence came so fast, “Let’s go!” they said to him. “No, I won’t go, I can’t die yet.” He howled hysterically. “But you are dead.” The tone of black and white impermanence couldn’t be more normal. “No, I won’t go with you, don’t go!” He yelled wildly, turned around and ran, as if he could run back to Yang Shi. “That’s okay, you have to be like her.” Black and white impermanence still kept their peace, they pointed to me “I will be a lonely ghost here forever.” He heard this, paused, and turned around. . “You, let’s go! Go, so you can reincarnate and be a new man.” I also persuaded him. “But then, I will never see my wife again,” he was still excited. “If I don’t leave, will I still see her?” He looked at the impermanence of black and white, expectantly. “I can see, but she can’t see you, and you can’t do anything.” “That’s OK.” He blurted out resolutely. “Well, you know yourself!” The black and white impermanence walked away.

“You really shouldn’t stay.” I said lightly while burying his body. In fact, from the bottom of my heart, I don’t think there is any loss left behind. There is no difference between living and dead. But the ghosts all say that if you stay, you won’t be able to live longer.

“No way, I can’t rest assured of my wife. She is my only love, and I am her only. Without me, she would not be able to live. She said she could not Endure the days without me.” When he said this, his tone was much softer than before, and he could hear that he was suffering for the loss of happiness and suffering for his wife. I don’t understand this.

“How can I visit my wife?” He became anxious again.

“I will help you!”

On the third day after his death, we went to his home together. When he saw the light from a distance, he started to get excited. We went on and got into the yard, should have heardIt was crying, but what I heard was laughter. That laughter is extremely, extremely, how should I describe it, extremely slutty, although I can’t bear to use this word, but I can’t find a more suitable word after thinking about it. I was at a loss for a while. “What’s the matter? What’s wrong with her? She won’t be crazy, right?” Before he could finish his words, the soul rushed in, and I quickly followed.