How to reduce the production of eye feces

Wake up should be a new day, a beautiful day, but when you get up and look in the mirror, you will often find that there are a lot of eye feces in the corners of your eyes, and your mood will not be beautiful immediately , And sometimes affect the mood of the day. So how to reduce the production of eye feces?

1. Chinese medicine conditioning, eye feces in the corners of the eyes are mostly related to the heat in the liver meridian and stagnation of liver qi. You can take some Chinese medicine for conditioning, or drink some heat-clearing and detoxifying Tea is used for relief, and it is generally relieved after drinking for a while.

2. Pay attention to eye care, too much eye feces are also related to improper eye care. For everyone, you need to look into the distance after working for a while, or do a few minutes The eye exercises can give the eyes a good rest.

3. Pay attention to your diet. There is a lot of eye feces, and most of them get angry. It has a lot to do with everyone eating spicy and hot things. Everyone should pay attention to eat more light and nutritious The things that help to improve the situation of excessive eye drops. In addition, you can eat some fruits that contain moisture after a meal, which will also help reduce excessive eye feces.

Too much eye feces are related to improper diet, improper care, and eye diseases. You need to pay more attention in your daily life. If you have eye diseases, you can use Western medicine or Chinese medicine to solve it in time. If it is a dietary problem, everyone should eat more foods that contain water. If it is a nursing problem, you should wash your hands frequently and use less dirty hands to touch your eyes.