The famous mountain of Shigu has been well-known as early as more than a thousand years ago. In the Book of Moving the City, Guo Pu, the Shangshu Lang of the Western Jin Dynasty, has “Left Banner (Mountain) and Right Drum (Mountain)”, the best in Fujian Great. The mountains are evergreen in all seasons, green pine and green, strange flowers flowing red, and rocks are beautiful in the valley. According to legend, there is a huge rock on the top of the mountain, which is flat like a drum. Echoing from time to time, the deceased named Gushan.

Gushan has a long history and many folk rumors and legends. It is true that rumors and legends are “heralds”. They are hearsay and population transmission. Their credibility and authenticity are worthy of scrutiny. However, who dares to say that rumors and legends are fake? If you have not personally experienced things, let you go up to nine clouds and eighteen levels of hell, and bring out all the so-called scientific arguments. It is like bragging and wasting effort!

Rumors and legends always have a certain basis. This basis is large or small, and it will not be fabricated out of thin air for no reason. However, these rumors and legends are often fascinating, adding a bit of mystery, and infinitely fascinating. The same is true for Gushan, just to talk about the guardian is enough to make people thrilling.

——Recently, I have been troubled by feelings for a long time. I don’t know how she sees me and how she feels to me. She refuses my request again and again, and I understand this kind of thing. Reluctantly, but when she was with other boys, my heart really hurt. Okay, I scored twice, and the words were divided into two parts. Let’s talk about October, after the heavy rain drifting, the air was fresh. I wanted to go out for a walk and relax, and then I came to the foot of Gushan again, trying to get rid of my irritation by climbing mountains.

After the rain, the Gushan Mountain looks particularly green, full of vitality everywhere, from time to time there are naughty birds jumping back and forth happily on the branches, shaking off a series of Water droplets fell on the climber, and the climber grinned and whistled to the bird. I climbed up, thinking about what was in my mind. I don’t know how long it took. I inadvertently recovered. I looked up and down again. The upper and lower sides were empty. I was the only person on the road. Doubts, weren’t there a lot of people at first, why did they all go all at once?

I don’t know where I have climbed. It seems that I have never walked this path before. Although it is still a stone step, it is extremely steep. The sky is also a bit dim, what is this place? I was secretly anxious.

At this moment, the mountains were foggy, and the fog enveloped strangely quickly. Soon, I could only see clearly five or six meters away in front of me. It was misty. I don’t know if it’s the wind or what, the white mist seems to be mixed with the sound of leaves being blown by the wind, listen carefully, it doesn’t look like! It seemed that someone was whispering inside, and it was like someone was chewing something, and my clothes didn’t move, there was no wind. The fresh air instantly drifted away, replaced by a very strong rancid smell, I was so smoked that I could not help coughing a few times, and my heart suddenlyPanicked.

The white fog is getting thicker and thicker, slowly approaching me, the noise in the fog is getting louder and louder, this time someone seems to be laughing smugly . I drove the thick fog up and down, but the more I drove away, the more it almost enveloped me. Unidentified objects in the fog touched me a few times from time to time, making a harsh hissing sound, and suddenly countless animals were born in the fog. Shaggy green claws, they scrambled to grab me.

I want to kick them away, but the fog is like an invisible rope that binds me firmly and cannot move. I was frustrated, and I didn’t expect to die here today, so I simply closed my eyes and waited for the heart-piercing moment.


Suddenly there was a very loud gong in the mountains. The gong sound was loud and wide. Perhaps it was because of being in the mountains. interest. The sound of the gong clearly revealed a burst of harmony, and my soul couldn’t help shaking with it. Suddenly, my mind was filled with no distracting thoughts. Only this peaceful sound was endless, and I suddenly felt otherworldly. It was a little bit brighter, the thick fog quickly withdrew more than ten meters away in shock, and the sound of the fog gradually subsided.

I breathed a sigh of relief, but although the dense fog retreated, it still blocked the upper and lower passages, and I still couldn’t get out.

The dense fog stayed in the distance for nearly an hour, seeming to be watching, waiting for an opportunity. Sure enough, the thick fog fluttered a few times before turning around in place, without rushing out, as if they were still hesitant. They were scared and unwilling to give up the fat that had reached their lips. After probing like this for a few times, they gradually moved out of the area and moved closer to me. After confirming that there was no danger, they rose up boldly. The dense fog quickly expanded, and a large cloud of dense fog covered me with a sharp scream. For a while, those fluffy green claws didn’t wait for the thick fog to completely cover me, they couldn’t wait to stretch out all of them, grabbing every inch of me greedily.