. Iqiyi’s “China New Rap” invited Giao and Yashui brother, and won the ratings; “Rap New Generation” of Station B created the contrast of “the last period will collapse, the next period”, and won the reputation; Mango TV “Rap Listen to Me” has “Motion Flash Ba” without clever use, and won a loneliness.

When “New Rap” and “New Generation” came from behind, “Rap Listen to Me” did not grasp the advantage of the first broadcast. The enthusiasm of the semifinals last Sunday was absorbed by the other two shows. And in the finals headwind, it seems that there is no confidence at all.

Three facial makeup, which one is the “naked makeup” of local rap?

Blood Pack Award

Walking to the fourth season of “China New Rap”, the background is the saddest. The program group that is well versed in devil editing has given up the native method of “sucking blood” from rap itself. Brother Yaoshui and Xiao Ah Giao were invited to help out, obviously for the flow of the broadcast.

Why don’t you look for contradictions in the rapper? Because the current players are as gentle as a lamb. Obviously Li Erxin didn’t really contradict GAI in the end, but the clip cut off from where he lost the chain with a click. At the end of the first issue, the audience saw that nothing happened. It was a little bit mysterious at the end of each episode of TVB.

As for Gai asking Twenty Wan why he deleted his WeChat, this