Before pressing the enter key, he looked back and Xiao Sulan ran over and hugged him hard—he sobbed and pressed the last key.

After falling out of love, Lu Wei completely gave up the idea of ​​love. These days, it is too difficult to find someone who truly loves you. He spent all the time he used to fall in love on the Internet, but then he gradually became addicted, feeling that the virtual world is better than reality.

Six months later, Lu Wei has become a standard networm, basically staying at home, even shopping online.

EBay is his frequent shopping site, where he bought a lot of useful and useless things, and searched for those newly opened stores to see if there was anything interesting. Things to sell.

On this day, eBay opened a new online store, the name of the online store is “Partner Sales Store”. This name is very strange, is it a coffee companion? He opened a store in a puzzled place, and the list of products that appeared was all kinds of handsome men and beautiful women. There is a line of explanatory text below: Choose the opposite sex you like as your lifelong partner.

What’s the matter? Porn service? Lu Wei was thinking so, and at a glance, he saw a line of text floating above the window: This website does not provide any pornographic services…

Interesting! Lu Wei became curious and looked at the prices of those handsome men and women. They were all cheap, no more than 10 yuan, and they could be tried for 7 days. After 7 days, eBay would send the money to the other party’s account. It can be said that it is absolutely fair to buyers.

Then buy one and have a look!

Lu Wei chose among those beauties, each with different characteristics, and it didn’t take long for him to see it. He wanted to buy several times, but he couldn’t make up his mind. He turned several pages until he saw that face and the hand that moved the mouse suddenly stopped. He finally understood what he was looking for. This is not a stunning face-ordinary eyebrows, short hair with ears, and even a little ugly among a bunch of beauties.

But when Lu Wei saw her, he couldn’t help tears in his eyes. He originally thought that after such a long time, he should have forgotten her, but he didn’t expect to see this face again, it was still so distressing.

This face is so familiar to him. For the past 5 years, Sulan, the owner of this face, was his girlfriend, but half a year ago, Sulan finally couldn’t bear it. He had no ambitions and resolutely married a promising IT elite. The news of Sulan’s marriage caught him off guard. He was still thinking about how to propose to Sulan, and in a blink of an eye he received her wedding invitation. He went to the wedding, but when he saw Sulan smiling so happy in her wedding gown, he felt like a needle in his heart and fled hurriedly before sitting down. He has never seen Sulan again since then, eitherSince then, he hid in the virtual world.

Unexpectedly, I will see Su Lan’s photo here today. What is going on here? He was a little puzzled, a little dazed, no matter what, he bought it first. So I clicked the buy button and paid the money to my eBay account.

Seven days later, he received a package with the words “Lifelong partner, treasure it carefully”. This is the life partner he bought? He was holding a package about the size of a shoebox and felt that he had been fooled.

Opening the package, there is a delicate carton inside, and then opening the carton, a wooden figure measuring a foot long is exposed. The wooden man is extremely exquisite in workmanship. If it is not for the wrong touch and size, it looks like a living person. The Mu Man’s appearance is exactly the same as Su Lan, and he wears the kind of lady’s house dress that Su Lan likes to wear. A pair of eyes stares at Lu Wei affectionately. There are two other small boxes in the box, plus a manual. Lu Wei opened the small box. It was a small wedding dress. In another one-inch box, there were two diamond rings. According to the instructions, Lu Wei puts on the villain a wedding dress, puts on a wedding ring, and holds a wedding according to the instructions, and the villain will become his lifelong partner.

Lu Wei thinks this is a bit evil, but still follow the instructions to help Xiao Sulan put on the wedding dress, then open the closet by himself and take out the suit that he bought specifically for taking wedding photos with Sulan. Put it on, put the ring on yourself first, and then put it on Sulan. He walked around the room with the villain and bowed to each other, even if the ceremony was completed. He thought he was a little ridiculous, such a big person, still playing this kind of naive game. He sighed as he looked at the motionless little man in his arms.

At this moment, the phone rang. When I answered the phone, it was Su Lan who hadn’t seen him for a long time.