How to reduce the production of eye bags

As for the bags under the eyes, many people didn’t pay attention to them at first, and they didn’t notice until they became more and more conspicuous. Eye bags. Once bags under the eyes are formed, it can make people look very old, which is something that many women cannot accept. The most important thing about eye bags is prevention, so how to reduce the production of eye bags?

For people who have not yet formed bags under the eyes, prevention is mainly done, and prevention can be viewed from two aspects, one is to change the bad Living habits, try not to stay up late, staying up late is the original culprit leading to the accelerated formation of bags under the eyes. The other is to use some skin care products for prevention, such as eye creams, but be careful to choose truly effective eye creams to use.

If the bags under the eyes have formed, it is more difficult to use skin care products to disappear the bags under the eyes. When the bags under the eyes are very obvious, it will seriously affect the patient’s When it is beautiful, it is recommended to consider surgery to cut off the eye bags. But be careful not to go to beauty salons and other institutions for surgery, you must choose a regular plastic surgery department of a top three hospital for surgery.

The removal of eye bags is mainly to remove the protruding fat tissue. It can be divided into an outer incision and an inner incision. The outer incision is mainly from the root of the eyelashes, and the inner incision is from the inside of the eyelid, which can achieve a beautiful effect.