What is the reason for low menstrual flow at 13 years old< /p>

For girls, before menstruation, they are girls who have not grown up. After menstruation, they will grow up and mature slowly, so Menstruation is a clear sign of a girl’s growth. The age of menstruation for girls is generally 12 to 15 years old, and the amount varies. So what is the reason for the low menstrual flow at the age of 13?

13-year-old girl, just entering the puberty stage, low menstrual volume is normal, because the estrogen level in the body is not stable, so menstruation The amount will be relatively small, so parents should not worry too much. Generally, menstrual flow will return to normal after several visits. Girls need to relax and maintain regular eating habits.

Lack of menstrual flow has a lot to do with menstrual habits. Girls need to wear more than usual when they are menstruating, so they should not wear dew Don’t wear sandals for the umbilical clothes. In terms of diet, do not eat irritating foods, eat too cold foods, and drink plenty of warm water. In addition, during menstruation, girls should also remember to stay up late as much as possible, maintain regular routines, avoid bathing habits, and avoid uterine infections.

During menstruation, if there is dysmenorrhea, incomplete menstruation, or once in a few months, the girl needs to tell her parents early and go to the hospital early treatment. In addition, girls need to learn some knowledge about menstrual health care, so that their bodies will be healthier.