Didn’t check it out yet. Don’t look at it, everyone. “The young man was furious, and he cursed when he left: “There is a mother who teaches me but my dad raises it, so I’ll do something sneaky. “Daqiang Dad didn’t like to listen to these words, so he rushed up and said angrily: “Who are you talking about?” “The young man was startled by the strong dad who appeared, and he hummed and walked away.
“Daiqiang, you say, what’s going on.” Dad Qiang has a loud voice, staring at Daqiang who is on the side.
Uncle Yu saw that Daqiang still didn’t say anything, so he drove Daqiang and asked him to conduct inspections. He pulled Daqiang and said, “Don’t scold the talent at every turn.” He told Daqiang about the young man just now. He is also in the community. The security guard is called Lai Ping. He bought the welfare lottery the day before yesterday, and read the newspaper today that he had won more than 1,000 yuan. However, he rummaged through the security room and did not find his lottery ticket, so he suspected that it was the strong man who was on duty with him the day before yesterday. Because only Daqiang knew that he bought the lottery ticket, the scene just happened.
“What do you think, Daqiang stole it?” Dad Qiang couldn’t make a conclusion for a while, so he asked Uncle Yu.
“I don’t think Daqiang is a very honest person. Although he had a criminal record before, he said that if he didn’t take it, he didn’t take it. I believe Daqiang’s character.” Uncle Yu analyzed.
When I went back, Dad Qiang told Qiang’s mother about the matter. Qiang’s mother stomped her feet in a hurry: “Hey! Why don’t you catch someone and ask clearly! What Lai Ping, I think he’s a shame! My Daqiang promised me. , He will never do this again.”