Korea. It turns out that these seven girls are the seven immortals in the sky. The fairy sisters said: “It’s rare that this little brother is honest and kind.” The youngest fairy said: “Why don’t the sisters know? This little brother has a good heart but a short life. In another hour, he is not destined to send the flood away. The fairy sisters were silent when they heard it, and the eldest sister said: “Let’s point him out.” The sisters said together: “Brother, after the western mountain, the thunderstorm is coming, and the flood is about to break out. You are about to climb the stream wall. Go.” The fairy aunts turned into seven auspicious clouds and flew away. Guidou did not dare to hesitate, jumped up, grabbed the withered vine “Lili Lili” hanging down from the bank, and climbed up. Before reaching the top of the bank, the violent mountain torrents came from the sky, and the Guidou just had time to climb to the shore. At the top, looking at the valley just now, the yellow water whirled and turned into an abyss.

“Ghost beans, ghost beans~” At this time, Guiguzi, who was far away in the capital, was very frantic. He couldn’t help others to tell fortune-telling and fortune-telling. He just shed tears alone. It is assumed that my son has been in misfortune at this time and died. An idler said, “Sir, you have always been open-minded and your business is booming. Why are you crying alone?” Guiguzi said; “Something happened to my house today.” “What’s the matter?” “My son was drowned in the flood today, and he is in danger. Ah! My bones are all soft and I can’t run. I’m bothered to ask someone to bring two hundred taels of silver to my house and I will write a letter.”