Wang Dabai has always dreamed at night recently. And all of them are good dreams. When I passed the fortune-telling street after get off work at night, I was stopped by fortune tellers who looked very accurate. The old fortune-teller said, girl, let’s see if you’re bleak in the hall, do you often dream recently. Wang Dabai said, not recently, I have been dreaming. The old man said, have you been having some particularly beautiful dreams recently, for example, what you think about during the day, you will get it in the night at night. Wang Dabai thought about it carefully, as if that was the case. He met a handsome guy on the bus during the day and dreamed of putting him to sleep at night. So I told the old gentleman that it seemed to be the case recently. After listening to the old gentleman, he patted his thigh. It’s not good girl, you are being caught by a dreamer. Wang Dabai said, what the hell? The old man stroked his beard and said, “Good dreams.” According to Baigui Encyclopedia, dream ghosts are transformed from people who accidentally died in their dreams. Their appearance is no different from ordinary people. They can invade the human brain and are pink.

When did you start your dreams? Wang Dabai said, about a week ago. The old man said whether he was wearing pink clothes. Wang Dabai said, does underwear count? The old gentleman said, Oh, they especially like underwear. It seems to be a dream ghost. The forehead of the person it is looking at shines, you see how bright your forehead is! It’s like a light bulb. Wang Dabai said, what if it stares at me, I have a bag for mosquito bites. It stings me to make me have sweet dreams every day, that’s great. The old man said that she was staring at you so that you could replace her. He was easy to reincarnate, but the ghost world has a rule not to force others to replace him, so they must ask you to stay in the dream willingly. So just give you your favorite things in your dreams. Then let you stay in the dream willingly. Remember, no matter how tempting and beautiful the dream is, don’t promise the person in the dream stay. Otherwise you will really stay, and you can only live in a dream.

Wang Dabai said, it was very strange. He never asked me once. Then how should I deal with it, the old gentleman said, the dream ghost is very paranoid. Although the scenes in the dream are what you yearn for, but the dreamy ghost likes to bring his favorite things into the dreams he weaves. When you are in the dream, pay attention and find that thing. That is the exit of this dream, you break it in your dream, and the dream will end. Good dream ghosts will be trapped in dreams and cannot come out. I have two rings that have been opened, you put them on for me and I put them on for you, and we will be connected. When you go back at night, wear your ring and put on your pink underwear, enter the dream, I will see you. I will help you when you encounter difficulties.

So Wang Dabai and the fortune-teller exchanged rings…

Wang Dabai returned home and took a shower. Put on pink underwear and went to bed early. This time she dreamed that she was in a bus, except for the driver, just like her private car. The car drove forward without stopping, with green wheat fields and telephone poles on both sides of the windows. It’s like her first time more than ten years agoPicture when taking a bus to the county seat. When the car stopped. She got out of the car. The school where she was in junior high was actually in front of her. A familiar voice guided her. He followed the voice and approached the house, and the door was locked. Her hand involuntarily stretched to the extension of the door, and sure enough, the key was on it. She thought, sure enough, every house’s key likes to be placed on the edge of the door. She opened the door, and she saw a boy and a girl drawn on the blackboard. The boy was holding the girl’s hand, and beside it was written, Yuyang always LVOE barking. Then Wang Dabai smiled and let his tears lose weight. This is the scene she is least willing to mention in her life. She and Yuyang are typical puppies at the same table as you. They do homework together, copy homework together, and read comic books together. During the winter vacation, they agreed, and they will go home together when school starts. But when school started again, Yuyang transferred…

Wang Dabai was recalling the past. When the painful memories could not be forgotten, a voice interrupted him. : Wang Wang. She looked back, yes, Yuyang. She thought, Haomenggui really zoomed in this time, and dug up the secrets in my heart… Then she said to Yuyang, have you transferred back to school again? Yuyang said, I came back to marry you. Then he looked at the ring on Wang Dabai’s hand and said, are you… married? Wang Dabai said, no, someone taught me to fall in love early, but no one taught me to marry early… Why did you transfer school back then? When Wang Dabai spoke, his eyes were swept in the room, looking for the things that the dream ghost placed…

Yuyang said, stop looking, I am the dream ghost… that year I was having an acute heart attack while dreaming of cycling and wandering with you. I tried to breathe but finally died. I asked my dad to do the transfer procedures for me at the last moment, I don’t want you to know. I am sorry to make you feel sorry for not fulfilling our dream with you. For so many years, I can’t bear to reincarnate or harm others. I just want to wait for you to be 20 years old. Fulfill our common dream with you.

Wang Dabai remembered this time that good dreams started on his 20th birthday. So she stretched out her hand to Chen Yuyang and said, let’s go… the dream turned smoothly. They came to the small woods behind their school. Wang Dabai remembered that they buried coins there. Together, they dug under the tree where the coin was buried. Wang Dabai dug out a rusty box with a ring inside… Yuyang took the ring and said, I’ll help you put it on… he Holding Wang Dabai’s hand and said, the ring on your hand is a bit in the way… Wang Dabai said, I took him off, and the fortune teller yelled instantly in her mind, no! ! This is his trick. But she can’t control so much. She took off the ring and put on the rusty ring… The screen jumped again. They appeared in a church, and in the blessings of all relatives and friends, they became married. At the end of the wedding, the picture returned to the classroom again. Yuyang took out a yellowed photo in the drawer and handed it to her, saying, this is the node of this dream, you tore it up. You can get out of the dream forever. Wang Dabai looked at the sweet smiles of the two on the photo and waited for you to marry me on the back of the photo and said,