1. Ghost hunting operation

In the spring of 1967, when the “Four Olds” was in full swing, Nanshan Town, located in the depths of Yuling Mountains, was carrying out a secret And the thrilling “Ghost Hunting”.

It turned out that the Nanshan Brigade of Nanshan Commune had been haunted by ghosts, and the whole village was panicked. The captain and members of the Nanshan Brigade, wearing the “Four Olds” hat, repeatedly petitioned for petitions, and strongly urged the commune to send militiamen to the Nanshan Brigade to eliminate ghosts for the people. The secretary of the commune was bullshitting. Considering that life was a matter of life, he had to send a militia squad of 20 people to the Nanshan Brigade to catch ghosts.

However, the secretary is the secretary, and the nonsense made a grand adjustment to the code of the action before the trip. How can you say that this is ghost hunting? This is a matter of political principles. Don’t we often have rumors from Taiwan spies? I think this ghost hunting operation might be called “special reconnaissance.” This is an ambiguous action name that can be left or right, and it’s easy to say above and below.

However, all this must be said from the beginning.

On the seventh day of the first lunar month in 1967, the wife of Nanshan Brigade member Jia Daudao fell from the upper floor of his house and died. On the same day, member Jia Daoshi once quietly said that the seventh day of the first month is a fasting day, and seven rounds of rituals must be done for the dead, otherwise they will “offend the last seven.”

What is “the last seven”?

It means that for those who died on the day of fasting, their relatives in the Yang family must do seven rounds of rituals for them, open the way to the Yincao dynasty, and take care of the lonely ghosts along the way, otherwise after his death In the seventh week of 1989, the lonely ghosts would take him back to claim money and property and even kill his family!

At the time when the “Four Olds” were in the limelight, how dare Taoist Jia tell Jia Daudao, he just sighed quietly behind him. Besides, even if Jia boldly knew it, he would never dare to engage in rituals for seven or forty-nine days. As a result, Jia Bold’s wife was buried hastily. The few members who knew about it were all waiting fearfully for the terrible “Last Seven”.

Unfortunately, in the words, Jia Taoshi’s admonition of “offending the last seven” really came true. On the forty-third day after the death of Jia Dan’s wife, that is, the first day of the seventh week after his death, Jia Dan’s home began to haunt. For the next three days, at night, his house was crying, howling and jumping! Jia Bold and his family hid in the bedroom, so he didn’t dare to come out. On the fourth day, for fear of frightening the children, Jia Bold had to report to the production team leader Lan Shaner and asked to borrow the production team warehouse.

Lan Dan’er, Jia Daudao’s uncle, single from generation to generation, from poor peasant origin, little culture and courage, outstanding performance in many sports after liberation, Engaged in the post of a production team leader. Heard of things that are quite different from the current situation, and naturally strongly opposed it. But something went wrong again. That night, under Lan Shan’er’s insistence, the twoThe same goes for reconnaissance. After the first hour, the Jia’s yard started to move-the dog barked and the chicken jumped wildly. After hiding in the pyre, Lan Dan’er and Jia boldly opened their eyes, looking for traces of ghosts.

Suddenly, with a soft “pounce”, a ghost flew over from the mountains and forests. The size of the ghost was about the same as an adult, and the face was roughly similar to that of a person, except for a pair of special eyes. Bright, emitting a fire-like light! While nervous, Jia Boldly yelled “Ah”, saying that it was too late, then soon, the ghost flashed past the two of them, Lan Dan’er felt a trace of coolness, and people almost stayed!

After at least half an hour, the poultry and livestock calmed down, and Lan Dan’er recovered. At this time, Jia Daudao, who was next to him, was cold and stiff, and he was already destined to return to the west. After daybreak, Lan Dan’er found that there was only one blood mark on Jia Bold’s face that ordinary people thought was not fatal. He believed that this was a mark left by a vampire.

The next day, the incident immediately caused a sensation in the entire mountain village. As a production team leader, Lan Daner walked into the gate of Nanshan Commune with the call of thousands of people. In the office, the nonsense secretary yelled: “Bullshit, what’s the matter! Talk to disturb people again, be careful I let you squat for a few days!”

Seeing is believing, Lan Shan Son, still believe in my own eyes! He stiffened his neck and said to Secretary Hu: “I saw it in person, and there will be fakes. If you really want to kill you, you can’t bear the bullshit! Be careful I sue you!”