The man took her hand and the two hugged each other. That kind of pro should only be seen in the boudoir, but now, on the street, just in front of the shop, it is blatantly displayed to the passing pedestrians.

His heart is burning, and his wife is hugging a little white face in the street, which he cannot tolerate.

From the night before yesterday, he felt wrong.

The wife is taking a bath, and her mobile phone emits a sweet text message. He yelled a few times but his wife didn’t hear him. He opened the text message: My dear, when you put on the clothes I bought you, people like me couldn’t stop seeing your carcass, let alone…< br>

He was so angry that he was vomiting blood. His wife was wearing clothes that another man bought and they met naked. Why? Is it because he can’t do long movements in bed? At the beginning, she deliberately gave him a kidney transplant. Is it because she can have more physical needs after the kidney transplant? Yes, that’s the case, if not, how could she let him do that, and she gave her full support. However, he has had a kidney transplant, why did she betray him?

The current humiliation is beyond his tolerance, no matter how much she has paid. Seeing her and a man entering the store hand in hand, he felt it was a shame.

When the man with an inch head hugged his wife, the eyes behind the sunglasses were looking at where he was hiding, obviously He demonstrated, although it is impossible for the man to see him. Because he quietly followed after seeing the text message.

They have entered, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. The anger in his heart was burning, but he had to be patient. Only by grasping the evidence, could he berate his wife and fight the third person. Ten minutes passed, and his wife hadn’t come out yet. He had to go in and couldn’t wait any longer. How can a conspiracy tailor shop, a ridiculous shop name, and a low-level storefront attract a wife who has always been picky? He touched the scalpel in his trouser pocket and walked in.

The shop was very deserted. Several pieces of cloth were placed on the counter with a measuring tape and a pair of brand-new scissors. The wife and the man were not in the shop, and there was no one else in the shop.

“Sir, do you want to make clothes?” A sweet and dull voice came from the other side of the stairs, accompanied by high heels hitting the stairs with a crisp sound.

He followed the sound and saw that a woman came downstairs. Her dress was a bit nondescript: a pretty well-made cheongsam with a large plum blossom on a white background, and a piece of broken head Wrapped in silk and satin with a black background, it looks like a male costume designer. What is even more ridiculous is that she is wearing a white mask, just like the one worn by a doctor. He can only see her pair of dim but very