This is a rare and pleasant morning, which completely relaxes Zhang Zhi, who is very nervous at work every day. Standing on the balcony, he looked into the distance, opposite a school playground. He fixed his gaze on a young woman, knowing that young women who got up early are now as rare as a national treasure.

The woman wears a ponytail, flicks and flicks, is well-proportioned, and runs very lightly. And behind her was a man of medium build and wearing a pair of glasses. They are neither far nor near. Sometimes, men surpass women and don’t see how they speak. It seems that they are not familiar.

Maybe they came to run for another purpose, that is, to have a good impression of each other, and running has become the best way for them to get close to each other. When Zhang Zhi thought about this, he couldn’t help shook his head. He always had occupational diseases and liked to analyze and reason. How does this couple have anything to do with him?

However, his reasoning is in place. After several weeks of observation, he found that the young men and women on the playground had started running side by side, and they were talking and laughing. There is also a new discovery. It turns out that they had the same building as Zhang Zhi, but lived in another unit.

Originally, he had gradually forgotten about this incident. Then one day, the man with glasses was waiting for Zhang Zhi at the entrance of the building. He called himself Xuan Han and said eagerly: ” Someone is missing, please help.”

Zhang Zhi was a little surprised: “Report the missing, why do you call me?”

“I reported the case and it didn’t work. They said that the criminal cases couldn’t be investigated. Now the girl disappears at every turn. In fact, she was angry with her boyfriend and left home for a few days. I know that you are a policeman and I have seen you handle a case on TV.” Xuan Han said a lot in one breath.

“Who is the missing person? What does it have to do with you? Did you find anything unusual before she disappeared?” Zhang Zhi was a little proud of being praised by others.

“I am worried that she has been killed. Her name is Xiaolu, my neighbor to the door. If you want to talk about relationship, it is just running together.”

“Ah!” Zhang Zhi was surprised at what Xuan Han said. The girl with the ponytail was missing. It turns out that they are just neighbors.

“Her boyfriend often beats her, and often hears her crying in the middle of the night.” Xuan Han swallowed and explained, “They moved there two months ago. Here. She and I both have the habit of getting up in the morning to exercise, and we met later.”

“Take me to see.” Zhang Zhi thinks the information he provided is still valuable of. He asked the bureau leader for instructions. The leader said that there was not enough manpower, so Zhang Zhi fully took over the matter.

Zhang Zhi is now realPolice officer Xi has excellent grades in the police academy. He has also gained a lot of practical experience following the internship as a police officer in the past few months. He believes this ordinary disappearance case is a piece of cake for him,

When he knocked on the door of Xiaolu’s house, a sloppy man stood in front of him with sleepy eyes, looking very impatient: “Knock, knock, what’s the matter, please tell me.” Zhang Zhiliang issued the police card: “Someone reported the crime. It is said that a woman named Xiaolu is missing, to find out what happened.”

“Fuck, who is okay if he is full?” He cursed and wanted to close the door. Zhang Zhi blocked: “What is your name? What occupation? What is the relationship with Xiaolu?”

Seeing that Zhang Zhi can’t be shaken off, the sloppy man had to answer: “My name is Biaozi, yes. Contracted for the construction site. Xiaolu is my girlfriend.” As he said, he stared fiercely at Xuan Han behind Zhang Zhi.

Zhang Zhi went into the room to check, the room was messy, a few photos of Xiaolu posted on the wall, and there were a few empty beer bottles on the table. Zhang Zhi opened the closet. There were women’s clothes inside, and several pairs of women’s shoes were placed on the shoe rack. He took out the prepared paper and pen: “Have you quarreled with Xiao Lu before she disappeared?”

“No, we are in a good relationship. She is a foreign girl. I have no relatives here, and I take care of her very much.” Biaozi denied.

“You lie, you often beat and scold her!” Xuan Han was silent on the side. Seeing Biaozi’s attitude, he couldn’t help shouting.

“You shut up, could I beat her if it wasn’t for you? You are a little white face, you actually seduce my girlfriend.” With that, Biaozi stepped forward to beat Xuanhan .