This weekend, his wife Yang Yue cooked a few more dishes during dinner, and Du Jiang sipped the liquor and drank beer alone. The more I eat, the colder the food, the more I drink the wine, the more lonely, my head hurts again. He flipped through the phone book over and over again with his mobile phone, looking for a friend to have a few drinks. However, in this city, he wants to find a friend who is free and able to talk.

Through Weibo, Du Jiang still dialed Huang Wen’s cell phone: “Your uncle, where is it? Come over for a drink.” In fact, Du Jiang knew that Huang Wen was now On a business trip, the two of them drank so dimly when they were transferring through Dongzhou a few days ago. Huang Wen really kept crying, saying: “Brother, please forgive me, I have something to do tomorrow!” Du Jiang refused to forgive, and said with a big tongue: “Brother missed you…I can’t come!” The phone hung up. After half an hour, Huang Wen called and said, “Damn, the ticket is booked, train K39685, and it will depart right away. The uncle will go to pick you up in 6 hours. Don’t hide from your wife!”
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Du Jiang grinned and looked at the table below. Now at 8 o’clock in the evening, by three or four o’clock in the morning, he can have a round with the kid. Du Jiang said to Yang Yue with flattery: “Wife, Awen will come over later, can you help me get two more dishes?” Yang Yue who was watching TV snorted to show her deep hatred for this kind of drunk man.

As Yang Yue despised, the friendship between men is really difficult to explain, and it is more lingering than women. Du Jiang and Huang Wen went from playing together in open crotch pants until they grew up. At the age of 25, Du Jiang went to Dongzhou for development, and since then they have seen less. Du Jiang also made some wine and meat friends in Dongzhou, just ordinary social interactions. After drinking too much, he still thought of people from his hometown. Once, he drank too much and called his old friends one by one, crying and calling them to come and drink together. Du Jiang fell asleep after being drunk. Who knew that someone would ring the doorbell after 3 o’clock in the morning. Yang Yue got up and saw, God! Huang Wen was standing at the door carrying two bottles of wine. For a drink, Huang Wen actually drove over 500 kilometers by bus overnight…