1. Bizarre death

Anna is dead. She lay on the floor of the dressing room, as if she was asleep, not as beautiful as a real person. Next to him was a broken wine glass with bright red lips.

At that time, Liu Xing finished listening to her last song and was ready to leave after drinking a glass of wine. As soon as he walked to the door of the bar, he heard that Anna had an accident.

The scene was quickly blocked. Liu Xing squatted on the street and vomited. Team Qin came over and asked, “Is it okay?”

“It’s okay.” Liu Xing wiped his mouth. “Have you found out the cause of death?” “

“It was preliminarily identified that the cause of death was poisoning. It appears to be potassium cyanide. Just a small sip is enough to be fatal when mixed in wine.” Team Qin glanced at him, “Others I am asking witnesses, why are you here today?”

“I am a regular customer, and I always like to come over for a drink after work. The deceased was named Anna, the most popular singer in this place. “

“Do you know?” Team Qin’s eyes narrowed, and the meaning in the words was self-evident. Liu Xing shook his head and rubbed his face.

“I don’t know, but I often hear her singing. I may have said a sentence or two, but I don’t remember much.”

They went back to the room where Anna died. The forensic examination was the first scene of the crime. I don’t know when the door was crowded with reporters who heard the news. The flash was on from time to time, and the store manager was standing outside. With a grimace, they begged them not to report.

Liu Xing followed behind the Qin team, looking at the unusually beautiful face again, and couldn’t help but tighten. Yes, he lied to Team Qin just now. He knows Anna and he knows well. In the palm of his hand, he kept holding the remaining bottle of potassium cyanide.

In the police force.

After several rounds of questioning, no useful clues were found. The Qin team leaned back in the chair tiredly. He glanced at Liu Xing who was sitting silently beside him. He lowered his head deeply, holding the phone with his hands folded, not knowing what he was thinking. Every time he encountered a problem, that guy would involuntarily assume this pose.

Team Qin walked over gently and patted Liu Xing on the shoulder. He only wanted to say hello to Liu Xing, but Liu Xing suddenly started to look like he was frightened. When he saw that it was him, there was an embarrassment on his face, and he laughed and started haha.

“Team Qin is leaving?”

“Well, go back to catch up, or go back too Okay, remember to change your clothes. It smells like alcohol.”

“Oh…oh, OK.”