Weibo Ghost Story One: Handprints

This little handprint on the baby’s body is very weird, but it is a pity that he never figured out what was going on.

He was about to sign the abortion consent form, but suddenly his eyes went dark and he couldn’t see anything. After a while, his vision returned to normal. “Let’s go, let’s not do it.” After being frightened, he took his wife home. Only at night, he suddenly found two small handprints on his face, but he didn’t know how the handprints came from.

A few months later, the child was born. Looking at the child, he felt a sense of happiness from the bottom of his heart.

That night, he was coaxing the baby to sleep, and the baby suddenly opened his eyes and said: Dad, you have to thank me for helping you keep your brother. He was startled and realized that the little mudra was from a child.

Weibo ghost story two: pissed

He made her angry, so she waved her hand and left. She walked extremely slowly, but he did not catch up. Angrily, she left the city, got married, had children, and married another man.

When the child was five years old, she ran into a former classmate. At this time, she knew that on the day she was angry with him, he was killed in a car accident in order to chase her. Upon hearing the news, her tears couldn’t stop streaming down. At this time, the son stepped forward and took her hand: “Mom, why does an uncle always follow you?”

Her side is empty, but there is a shadow. It is printed on the wall lightly.

Weibo Ghost Story III: Mysterious Spots

When Xiao Li was about to go out, he accidentally caught a glimpse of himself. The strange thing is that there is a thumb-thick light spot on the shadow, which corresponds to the position of the eyebrow on Xiao Li. This situation looks weird, as if the light penetrated the shadow. Xiao Li speculated on the various possibilities of this phenomenon while walking, and came to the construction site of the community unknowingly. Suddenly someone exclaimed “be careful”! Xiao Li turned his head to look, and steel bars with half the thickness of his thumb flew toward him, hitting the center of his brow.

Weibo Ghost Story 4: Lettering

Zhang Jun, who was sleeping, was awakened by a strange sound, it sounded like something was scratching door. He wanted to see it, but was scared, so he turned on the lamp and curled up under the bed to look secretly at the door. After a while, the voice disappeared. Zhang Jun simply turned on the light and fell asleep. Early the next morning, he found that someone had engraved on the door: XXX came here for a visit. Zhang Jun once engraved similar words on a pillar of a certain scenic spot-and that pillar is actually an abandoned coffin.