May 1, 2013, today is the last day of Labor Day, and the school’s three-day holiday has also come to an end. I came here a long distance from home to go to university. Due to the location of the school, we had to take a black taxi without a meter. These cars have all kinds of cars. The almost scrapped old Poussin is like a train. Booming vans, fake taxis with taxi signs but no personnel duties. They have various styles and styles, except that they have no formal procedures and licenses.

Every school day, these black taxis come to the station, they can call out the people from our school among the crowds of students, full of cars, like Selling livestock, just go away like that.

Ever since I went to college, I have always felt that those black rentals are weird, maybe out of instinct, I am afraid of these rusty black rentals, they strangle me like death The throat keeps me from breathing. And it seems that only I can discover it, and only I can see the rust that is like a human blood.

When I got off the train, the sky was getting darker. I was squeezed out of the train carrying a heavy suitcase, and the handle of my suitcase was as expected. Ripped alive, only two pieces of metal tie rods were exposed. I carefully put my hands into my backpack, and the moment I turned around, a middle-aged man wearing a felt hat suddenly stood in front of me.

In retrospect, the man looked very strange, with a sloppy beard, a full face, and a striking scar on his forehead, revealing an evil spirit. The man took my luggage in one go.

“Classmate, I know you, you are from XX College, right? I recognize you. Come, get in the car!”

I agree or disagree to drag my suitcase and leave, my mind was clouded, and my legs followed involuntarily. There was a rusty, almost scrapped taxi parked in the parking lot next to the station, and the co-pilot was already there. Yes, there was a girl behind me and I followed. The driver put my luggage and went to solicit customers.

When I was boring, I saw the girl next to me holding the new phone I just bought, still playing with the things in the settings, fumbling around and watching After a while, I felt bored. The co-pilot didn’t know who was sitting, and there was no sound at all, and he didn’t dare to look at it. A little pink gauze appeared next to the seat. She should be a short girl.

The weather has gradually become sultry, I just pulled the collar hot, and the car door opened abruptly. I was shocked by a cold sweat. The driver brought a young man, who was small The small one, without the appearance of a student, with colorful hair and earrings, looks very much like a little bastard in a movie. When I got into the car, I sat in the middle and snuck at half of the cigarette in his hand. Still burning, heWhere’s my license plate number…”

The girl next to me and I were walking to school with luggage, and suddenly found something was wrong, isn’t there someone else?

“Where is the girl in the co-pilot? “Curiosity urged me to look back. It’s better not to look at it. When I saw it, I almost slumped on the ground. The co-pilot was sitting on a man, but a shabby doll with a tattered face. There are sores, the cotton inside is vying to turn out, the face is distorted and out of shape, but the corners of the mouth show a strange smile like the driver…