I understand, the world is changing so fast, they don’t know how to work hard, they don’t know where to work hard. Look at the little friends around you. Everyone is his own business and has little to do with him. They are anxious. When these individuals are thrown onto the Great Plains, we know why they are called “nomad youths”.

How to rejuvenate the brand? Young people nowadays don’t believe in values, believe in people’s settings

The main group of consumers-young people, they have undergone profound changes.

The brand, in a more essential sense, is the consumer’s perception of the products and services provided by the company. Therefore, in this context, how should companies upgrade their brands? My suggestion is as follows:

1. Brand role upgrade: from persuader to empathy to peers

First level: Persuader

The usual practice of persuaders is to educate consumers.

The logic behind this is that my products and services are better. I understand better than you. I want to educate you, persuade you, and instill something in you, and then let you recognize my things and pay.

The reality is that persuaders are no longer effective in young people, because their growth environment and their individual characteristics determine that they will not recognize this one-high and one-low communication mode. They recognize equality.

Second level: empathy

Empathy is another step forward at the persuasor level. But its problem lies in two words: mouth cannon. This is like when the girlfriend is not feeling well, the boyfriend sends three words “drink hot water”.

What consumers want today is that brands do what they say, and they can’t just say and don’t. People who just say and don’t do it are terrible.

The third level: fellow travelers

Peer is the best expression of brand role.

The relationship between fellow travelers is “doing”, that is, you have to have empathy. This is the most basic, and then it is reflected in your own actions. You must not just stay in your mouth.

An example of a fellow traveler: Keep’s advertising. Keep says “self-discipline gives me freedom.” If there is only one sentence, it is empathy, but Keep also tells you that my APP can help you do this, and this is the fellow.

2. Brand value upgrade: weaken traditional indicators such as favorability and reputation

The old indicators are no longer applicable. Today’s consumers are individuals.

The reputation and popularity are the statistical results based on the whole. Today’s consumers pay more attention to autonomy, he will return to his own space to judge value.

What individuals need is relevance. They will think about it. What does your brand value have to do with me? They make judgments based on the relevance of this brand to themselves, no