The real problem is: takeaway platforms don’t want to earn less.

Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “the end of the city” (ID: gh_29a5743c5c28) , Author: Junior right.

This is Zuo You, because I read’s early morning post, so I wrote down my views on the delivery platform and the rider.

Because of the character’s article “Takeaway Rider, Stuck in the System”, it triggered a lot of discussion on the Internet.

So in the early morning of September 9, said that a new feature will be launched: a small button “I’m willing to wait 5 minutes/10 minutes” will be added when the payment is settled.

The full text of the “heart-warming” copywriting: The system is dead, people are alive… Comparing your heart to your heart, everyone who lives hard deserves respect…

But what the article wants to discuss and solve is: in the era of digital economy, what kind of algorithm should exist? , The life of the city, the export of takeaway young people, involve more “people” and “business and society” issues.

These questions, are you hungry? Give a button to wait ten more minutes and skip them all.

Transferring contradictions to consumers is the cunning of users want to be faster, so the expected time of the system is so tight.

Consumers are willing to wait, takeaway brothers don’t have to work hard, you can make money if you are hungry. Is this the so-called heart-to-heart comparison?

Doing a bad thing for a lifetime, and doing a good thing before dying, do we want to recognize him as a good person?

The platform and the rider are a win-win situation.

It is consumers who lose, but it is this social and humanistic problem.

It’s the consumers who pay for the bill, and it’s the consumers who spend the waiting time. Are you hungry and only give a button to let everyone skip this question and make the voice of a platform of conscience? This is not appropriate.

This is not the virtue of being hungry, not worthy of praise, not worthy of praise. Because the biggest beneficiary is still the takeaway platform itself, it just shifts the contradiction of things, this is not conscience.

Hungry? It is a good attitude to make adjustments in time. But this matter now looks more like platform public relations, a means to hunt down public opinion hotspots.

Not only are you hungry, but the food delivery platforms including Meituan should face up to the nature of the market.

Rather than indicators that do not cure the root cause, stage a show of fake humanistic care.

Originally, the system time is too fast, the business of the food delivery platform