Compromise may be a lesson that all Beijing home buyers must take.

“Let the bullets fly” stills

26 years old, in Beijing, still on Qingnian Road on the East Fourth Ring Road, owning an improved house of 130 square meters, this is an unattainable dream for countless beijing drifters.

Aliang realized.

But he didn’t feel complacent about it. He said, “The colleague sitting across from me has a large house of 180 square meters in a high-end community, and the one next to him has a school district room of 200 square meters.”

Aliang talked to his girlfriend. The two often talked about the group of friends they met when they were studying in the UK: who drove millions of sports cars, who was in the central enterprise, what position was the most handsome and who Strong marriage, how about that not-so-good-looking family assets……

Even if Aliang has never lived in a house less than 150 square meters, and his parents have a company in the Northeast, they can still give Aliang to buy a house in Beijing without affecting the company’s cash flow. Aliang also feels: I am just an ordinary “middle class and lower middle class”.

And this kind of thought made him even more convinced when he started to see the house:

Want to buy a decent house in Beijing is not something that can be done simply by “middle class and lower middle class”.


When I came to Beijing, Aliang felt that he had no choice.

As a native of Northeast China, he couldn’t think of any good job in the Northeast with the major of “data analysis”. The young people left have only three choices: banks, teachers, and civil servants.

In the year of graduation, Aliang saw the information of the Beijing graduate recruitment fair, and immediately booked an affordable hotel, dragged his suitcase to Beijing, and had a fried liver at Qingfeng Baozi shop early in the morning. Went to the exhibition hall.

It was a school recruitment of tens of thousands of people, and Wuyang Wuyang in the pavilion was crowded with people. Within a day, he visited every booth and every exhibition hall. At noon, like most people, he squeezed on the stairs to eat a box of lunch for 25 yuan.

On that day, he filled in more than a dozen positions, and 80% wrote him back.

A Liang finally joined a large company headquartered in Tongzhou as Guan Peisheng.

Because of “no choice”, Aliang planned to buy a house in Beijing from the beginning. In the previous two years, I planned a Beijing residence registration, but it was stuck on the requirement that “study abroad requires more than 360 days”. British graduate students only need one year. Excluding winter and summer vacations, he is missing exactly one month.

No way, I had to apply for a work residence permit from the beginning to get the qualification to buy a house.

Buying a house is the dream of almost all people without houses. According to the “Research Report on Graduates’ Housing in 2020”, over 60% of graduates have plans to buy a house, and 93.7% of graduates hope to buy a house before the age of 35. But planning and realization often cannot be placed on the same scale.

Aliang always emphasized that his family is ordinary, but he also confessed once: he is better than most of his peers.


Aliang and his girlfriend’s reference to life is their friends. Perhaps because of problems in the life circle, most of their friends have good financial conditions.

Aliang’s anxiety stems from fear, worrying that he will fall behind.

His postgraduate roommate is already a consultant in 4A company with an annual income of 700,000; some of his classmates in the same major have obtained a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 3 certificate; there are relatives who work in Ali, It is already P7 level.

Aliang sometimes wants to study for an MBA, but it takes great courage to give up his status as a major enterprise management trainee and start all over again. He sometimes even becomes impatient because he has not yet started buying stocks, funds, and futures.

In contrast, the anxiety of an unknown future is far greater than whether you can afford a house in Beijing.

For the house, the two believe that the most ideal place to live is Jintai Road. It’s just in the middle of Chaoyang Joy City, Sanlitun and China World Trade Center, so it’s convenient to go anywhere. It is also a subway transfer station. He takes Line 6 to go to the company in Tongzhou every day, and his girlfriend takes Line 14 to work in Wangjing.

But on Jintai Road, there are many old and small groups, and there are many family buildings of public institutions. After counting the years, they can reach his grandma’s generation, and they really look down on it.

Once the two of them went shopping to Chaoyang Park. When they came out of the subway, they saw the clean and tidy white buildings across the road and the red low-rise residential buildings across the street. They were two completely different painting styles. . Looking back, the Armani apartment wrapped in a black glass façade is located on the side, stylish and gorgeous.

The two of the Armani apartment dare not think about it. The white building opposite, might be able to work hard.

Aliang immediately turned on his mobile phone to search, and only then realized that the community was called Palm Springs, one of Beijing’s first-generation luxury houses. It is said that many celebrities live here, with an average price of more than 100,000 yuan. The total price of a small-sized house is also tens of millions.

“This is not something I didn’t work hard on. I can only ask my dad if I can work hard.” He teased.

Palm Springs became a bit of obsession between the two of them. For a long time, when my girlfriend chats with friends, she always mentions going back to her hometown:

“Why stay in Beijing and not live in Palm Springs.”


After getting the work and residence permit, Aliang entered the rhythm of formal inspections. After discussing with his parents, he settled the purchase price of about 7 million yuan. Palm Springs is not in this range.

Aliang doesn’t have much pursuit of school district housing, and Haidian and Xicheng are not considered. Because I work in Tongzhou, but I don’t like the immaturity of Tongzhou’s supporting facilities, I chose four areas in Chaoyang District: Jintai Road, Shuangjing, Sihui, and Qingnian Road.

Jintai Road, those who can afford it can’t afford it, and those who can afford it look down on it, so it was eliminated first.

A week in May of this year, Aliang rode a bicycle and walked around Shuangjing, Sihui, and Qingnian Road.

Sihui’s advantage lies in the low price, but the quality of the community and surrounding facilities have no advantage. A Liang’s investigation found that Sihui’s businesses are mostly small shops and no large shopping malls. As a transportation hub, the subway directly connects to Line 1, which is not convenient for Aliang. The Sihui Bridge next to it is also congested all year round. The overall living comfort is not high.

Shuangjing is the closest to China World Trade Center, but Aliang’s life is actually not very close to China World Trade Center. He neither works here, nor laughs at himself as a crowd that can afford SKP. In Shuangjing, the community that meets the living requirements of Aliang is Shoucheng International. According to the budget of 7 million, only 80 or 90 square meters of just-needed housing can be purchased, and the price is not high.

Comparing left and right, he finally looked at Qingnian Road.

Since 2005, when Star River was selected as Chaoyang North Road, countless high-end residential buildings have been located here, including Oceanwide International and Park 1872. Li Ka-shing settled the Yi Chui Garden here, as well as the north-south duplex Swan Bay, which satisfied young people’s imagination of residential fashion.

After 10 years of development, there are countless internet celebrity restaurants, cinemas, ice rinks, creative bookstores, board game pavilions…. Here, there are all the youth’s life and spiritual needs, and countless jobs People in Beijing have great temptations.

This has become a real “CBD back garden”. For young people like Aliang, Qingnian Road is the best place to buy a house.


From the beginning, Aliang chose the second-tier improved house.

Never worry about real estateIt was the first time he knew that choosing a house was so difficult.

It is south and north, south-north is transparent, square and square. In his opinion, these should be the standard equipment of the house. But after I started to look at the house, I discovered that a normal apartment is so rare.

The Pearl River Roman Garden, which is the closest to Chaoyang Joy City, was tilted by 15 degrees. The more fatal flaw is that the window of one bedroom opens to the stairwell, so there is almost no light. The duplex of Swan Bay only faces south and cannot be transparent from north to south.

Obviously, I have a lot of budget, but it is not easy to choose a house with a good layout and a larger area.

After seeing dozens of houses, his favorite is Runfeng Shui Shang. This is a low-rise, low-density pure slab-building community. The greening is done well and the facade is also granite. Looks very decent inside and out.

But either the floor is wrong, or the layout is not good. He also heard the feng shui saying of “road evil” for the first time. It is said that it will impair the fortune. Although Aliang does not believe in feng shui, he has listened to it more or less.

Finally, I came across a house I liked, and Aliang wanted to settle down after only seeing it once. Parents persuaded him to take a closer look. He thought it was right. It took another few days to make a form, detailing water and electricity, water supply, wall removal, windows, owner information, neighbors, etc., and let the intermediary one Answer.

Unexpectedly, the house was robbed before the agent responded.

A Liang was too regretful. Next time he fancyed the house, he entered the interview stage without hesitation.

The interview is another long and cumbersome game process.

The house of 106 square meters was quoted at 7.55 million, while Aliang’s psychological price was 7.3 million.

The intermediary said that due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the property market is not very good, and there is room for price talks. Aliang rushed to the scene happily. He heard that the owner likes wine and brought a bottle of whiskey. Thinking of talking, drinking and having a good time, maybe it will be done.

But as a result, I did not see the owner. The intermediary took him and the owner to two rooms respectively, and the two parties raised their needs, and the intermediary was responsible for the conversation. Back and forth several times, the landlord did not drop the price at all.

Aliang watched the intermediary run back and forth, and his heart became heavier.

“No eyes, no talk.” A Liang grimacingly carried his wine, and returned to the old and shabby rental house on Jintai Road.


After talking about the collapse, Aliang felt quite desperate. I have never had the house I wanted. According to my target, I can only look at the small apartment. The house that has not been discussed is not good in Runfeng.

After all, in the northeast, Aliang has never lived in a house less than 150 square meters.

But positiveI agreed with the joke: You don’t force your parents to give it a hand, you don’t know how rich they are.

Dad Aliang adjusted the bid for him and put out more than one million yuan. “Anyway, you will cheat me once, it is better to cheat more.”

Before he could be moved, Aliang entered the pace of revisiting the house. This time, both he and his parents looked at Huafang Yicheng next to Runfeng Shuishang.

A three-bedroom apartment, more than 130 square meters, quotation of 9 million yuan, square apartment, transparent north-south, good floors, new decoration, and large guest bedrooms.

Aliang won in one fell swoop with 8.7 million.

According to Aliang’s previous thoughts, of course he prefers Runfeng Shui Shang. If you dare to think, it must be Palm Springs or even Armani Apartment. But in Beijing, there is only a budget that can’t be obtained, and there is no perfect house.

Compromise may be a lesson that all Beijing home buyers must take.

In mid-October, Aliang is about to move into his new home. He and his girlfriend often discuss what kind of furniture to buy and what style of decoration. His girlfriend likes logs, he likes black and white, but he can’t compete with her, so he should do what she wants.

In the future, he will live the same life as all the young people gathered on the youth road.

Yaojiayuan Road and Chaoyang North Road, which lead to the East Third Ring Road, are always blocked in the morning and evening peaks and weekends. Every morning, countless young people from various communities, unable to grab shared bicycles, rushed to the subway station on Qingnian Road, squeezed onto Line 6, and then led to every corner of Beijing.

But the difference is that Aliang’s return does not need to care about the monthly rent of four to five thousand yuan, and he does not need to face the embarrassment of the landlord not returning the deposit because of the rent.

Here is his stable little home, rooted in the foundation of Beijing.