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In recent years, many people have more or less known about the Kardashian sisters. It may be because of Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West who announced his candidacy for president of the United States; he may have bought a brand endorsed by the fourth supermodel Kendall; there are also I may have seen the news that my little sister Kylie has become the richest woman in the United States.

But this wonderful family was originally just an ordinary middle-class American family. Through a reality show, they successfully completed the class leap and entered the upper class society.

Kim Kardashian presents both of his two marriages and daily routines (including having children) in the show. And copied the successful model of the former playmate Paris Hilton, and even became popular with the latter.

When the show started, the family’s two little sisters, Kylie and Kendall, were only 10 and 12 years old respectively. Now they are already popular teen idols all over the world. The former got married and had children as hot moms and relied on selling beauty. Makeup products are listed on the “Forbes” Billionaires List(delisted shortly after); the latter leads the trend of “net celebrity models” globally, Redefines the “supermodel” image in the minds of young people.

Nowadays, the Kardashian sisters have more fans than the total population of the United States, and behind the scenes are the huge benefits brought by the fan economy.

The day before yesterday, Kim Kardashian announced on his Instagram: The reality show “Walk with Kardashian Sisters” starring in the Kardashian family will be discontinued, and the last season of the show will be broadcast early next year.

“After 14 years, 20 seasons, and hundreds of spinoff shows, we made this difficult decision. Thanks to all those who have been following us. We have laughed and teared over the years, and we will always cherish this beauty Memories.” Kim Kardashian wrote.

E who broadcasts this show live! The TV station also issued a post later, saying that it would respect the Kardashian family’s decision to “no longer live under the camera”.

The Kardashian sisters did not disclose the specific reasons for the suspension of the show. After announcing that they will bid farewell to the reality show, one of the most liked comments by netizens was “An era is over”.

Although this sentence may seem vulgar, but looking back at the Kardashian family’s influence on popular culture in the United States and the world over the years, it is true.

Show off wealth, break the news, reveal privacy: the crazy and absurd life of a celebrity

“Walking with the Kardashian Sisters”, which was broadcast on October 14, 2007, was curated by the “Queen Dowager” Kris Jenner. It uses the daily life of the five Kardashian daughters as the content. It was once an afterthought for the American people. Favorite variety show.

As a producer, Kris Jenner knows that most viewers “walk with the Kardashian sisters”, just to get a glimpse of their crazy and absurd life of celebrities.

The film crew also understands this, and there are countless famous scenes in the program that make people think “this is also possible?!”——

In season 1, Kim Kardashian is going to be on the cover of “Playboy”. Many people have to think twice about acting on this kind of adult magazine, but mother Chris is the first to express support. And tell her: “My dear, you did a great job!”

In season 3, sister Chloe was sentenced to jail for drunk driving, but Kim Kardashian started taking selfies in the car where the whole family went to visit her. Chris mocked from the side: Go to jail, you still have leisure to take a selfie here!”

Jin was gloating about serious things like going to jail—the Kardashian sisters’ mutual tears, which laid the groundwork for it.

In Season 6, Kendall and Kylie posted a video of their mother urinating online, which made Chris Jenner agitated, but the two little sisters’ apology instantly made their mothers forgive them: please Singer friend Pia Mia recorded a single about urination and sang the song. The mother and daughter finally reconciled.

Kendall and Kylie’s way of apologizing is wonderful, but it also invisibly shows the celebrity connections of the sisters since they were young. According to Chris LianjinYou will be happy when you get on “Playboy”, of course you choose to forgive your daughter!

In Season 9, the plot where rapper Kanye West proposes to Kim Kardashian is also the famous scene of this show. Kanye summoned all of Kim’s close family and friends and let her speak successfully in AT&T Park in San Francisco Yes!

It is worth mentioning that the news of the two even starting to date was broken in reality shows…

In the 10th season, there was a sudden reversal: Caitlin Jenner, who was also named Bruce at the time, confessed her transgender plan to her family. Kylie and Kendall couldn’t bear it for a while.

Dear audience friends, just think about it. After sleeping, your father said that he is going to become a woman. What else can you do besides being unacceptable?

Even if you catch a horse like the Kardashian sisters, you can only choose to cry.

The “catching rape” scene in season 13 is also very famous: Kim goes to Dubai with Courtney Kardashian’s ex-husband Scott, Scott has been trying to move Kim to be with Courtney again , In the end, Jin found a woman in the hotel room unexpectedly.

The plot of catching rape appears in the dog-blood TV series. You may think that this is deliberately arranged by the director, but in the Kardashian reality show, it is too exciting to take you live to catch the rape….. .

Even Kardashian was robbed of more than 10 million jewels in Paris, and the crime that was nearly killed was also filmed in the 13th season.

She told of the terrible robbery experience in tears-she was tied up with her hands and feet, gagged her mouth and placed in the bathtub, “they (robbers)< /span>Aim the gun at me, I think I will be here today.”

I didn’t even forget to use this life and death experience to beat my eyes on the show the moment I was put on my head. This mental state is really not that strong.

Robert Thompson, a professor of television and popular culture at Syracuse University in the United States, said: The Kardashian sisters know how to attract the attention of ordinary people, and they will use people’s attention to monetize and become rich-this is Their trueUnmatched by the predecessors of the show.

Reality Show: The Kardashian Family’s Middle Class Struggle

“Without “Walking with the Kardashian Sisters”, I would not be what I am now.” Kim Kardashian wrote in an Instagram tweet yesterday.

Similarly, several other members of the Kardashian family also played (tear) on the show. “text-remarks” label=”Remarks”>(Forced), traffic is realized, fame and fortune are both realized.

As early as the end of the last century, the Kardashian family was just an ordinary middle-class family in the United States. “Queen Dowager” Chris Jenner married Robert Kardashian, a well-known American businessman and lawyer, and gave birth to three daughters and one son, the eldest sister Courtney, the second sister Kim, and the third sister Chloe, and one Rob, the little brother who doesn’t exist. Later, after her divorce, she married former US Olympic champion Bruce Jenner and gave birth to two daughters quickly-these are later sisters, Kendall and Kylie.

The flexible-minded Chris is committed to making his daughters appear in front of everyone many times and creating a celebrity personality.

Second sister Kim Kardashian was the first to eat crabs. She started to climb up step by step from the little attendant of the former celebrity Paris Hilton, tearing up with the plastic sisters, making friends with her boyfriend in sports circles, and leaning on The small video taken with her boyfriend pushed public opinion to a craze. Although notorious in the United States, it is almost universally known.

Paris Hilton despises this behavior. She once mocked Kim Kardashian’s hips in public as “like the smelly cheese in the trash.” But at this moment everyone wants to watch the gossip of the Kardashian family-under the matchmaking of Chris Jenner, “Walk with the Kardashian Sisters” was born.

Since then, members of the Kardashian family have been on the hot search list for almost every move.

In 2014, Kim Kardashian shot the cover of “PAPER” magazine, paying tribute to the French photographer Jean-Paul Goude’s representative work “Champagne Incident”, which became the most iconic fashion moment of the year.

To celebrate the birth of his second child, Saint, Kim Kardashian launched the Kimoji emoji pack for only $1.99. The huge download volume once paralyzed the US Apple Store.

In 2015, Sister Kim’s father, Bruce Jenner, announced her successful sex change and changed her name to “Caitlin Jenner”.

The first tweet sent by “she” received more than 1 million followers within 4 hours, breaking the record maintained by former US President Obama