This article is from WeChat official account: disco monitor (ID: MrSugar008) , Author: Mom Ti Hua, FIG title From: Visual China

A few days ago, a pianist friend sent a mysterious link to station B and said to me earnestly:

A quick look before deleting, there is so much meat!

I rushed in, but I was shocked.

The UP master in the video actually took a sample of the sound of frying bacon, and added the sound of Coke, French fries, and pineapple cutting to remake Justin Bieber’s “YUMMY”.

Well, there is a lot of meat

Don’t say whether it sounds good or not, it just shows me hungry.

My doubts are born: Is this a music show or a food show?

Recently, the B station music area has attracted the attention of many gentlemen.

But the pianist friend who has been doing fieldwork in the music district for more than a year has never seen those confusing behaviors.

As a non-senior fancier, I haven’t seen it either.

So we reached a preliminary conclusion of scientific research——

This is a machine algorithm that creates different parallel universes for people with different preferences.

As the saying goes: the same B station, different dreams.

But without investigation, there is no right to speak. Based on my self-seeking curiosity and the purpose of investigation, I clicked into the music area of ​​Station B to see which young artists are the most popular.

As a result, I found that the knowledge in it was too deep.

Everything can be music

Based on the deep squatting in the music area of ​​Station B during this period, I came to a philosophical conclusion:

In the eyes of a person who loves music, nothing is impossible.

Speaking of musical instruments, in the minds of ordinary listeners, it is a piano of tens of thousands of dollars to make music, and a guitar of thousands of dollars again.

A little closer to the people, you have to have at least a hundred-dollar blues harmonica and a ten-dollar kazoo.

But the artist on station B tells you–