When do men secrete oxytocin

Women secrete oxytocin to induce uterine contractions during childbirth, which has the effect of accelerating labor. During breastfeeding, the baby will also suck the breast It stimulates the appearance of oxytocin, but oxytocin is not a patent for women. Men also secrete oxytocin. So when do men secrete oxytocin?

Men usually also secrete a certain amount of oxytocin. Generally, they secrete more at night. There are some men who are more introverted. Oxytocin will make them feel relaxed in their relationships and have a sense of belonging. In life, if men are happy or have strong psychological fluctuations, they will also secrete oxytocin.

Oxytocin is essential for women. It mainly acts on the myometrium to cause uterine contractions, and it also promotes prostaglandins and peanuts The release of tetraenoic acid can enhance uterine contraction and achieve the purpose of rapid production, and oxytocin also has a certain relief effect on postpartum hemorrhage.

When women are in childbirth, if the secretion of oxytocin in the body is insufficient, they need to be injected with oxytocin to help the production, and timely injection of oxytocin can help pregnant women in the birth process There is no dystocia in children. Generally, there will be a reaction within two hours after the injection of oxytocin. However, some pregnant women have no response after the injection for more than two days. There is no specific time for the onset of oxytocin. Don’t worry too much.