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Beijing people love the most out-of-town cuisine, it must be Cantonese cuisine.

In the 90s Beijing Life Book “I Love My Home”, the second uncle Jia Zhixin opened a leather bag company and made a small fortune, and he became a “Hong Kong Food City” as soon as he ate:

There was a rat at home, so I went straight to the Cantonese restaurant next door to bring a snake back.

Bringing eight thousand yuan to a high-end restaurant with your family, you must order dishes in Hong Kong and Taiwan dialect.

▲”How much gluttonous you are”

In “Love in the Courtyard”, Sha Zhu cooks a table of Cantonese food for his son who has returned from Hong Kong, and can spend a long time in the courtyard at night.

For forty years, Beijingers have always had a high-level look at Cantonese cuisine.

But Beijing’s Cantonese cuisine is not as unattainable as the Hong Kong Food City.

Beijing people start with Cantonese cuisine, which is cheap and affordable. This is the same as Guangzhou.

Many of the restaurants that were extolled back then have been rooted in the capital, and have spread out.

All of this originated from one person.

No gentlemen, no artists

In the summer of 1987, Chen Jing, a former nurse, came to Beijing from Guangzhou. The girl stood for 36 hours. When she got off the train, her face was greener than a wagon.

Some people said that she only had 80 yuan that day. Others said that she borrowed 9,000 yuan from relatives and friends–

From that moment on, she became a part of Beijing urban legend.

At that time, foreigners could not apply for a business license in Beijing. She chose to partner with Beijinger Liu Xueyong and others to transform a roast chicken restaurant into a Cantonese restaurant.

The name of the restaurant used to be “Xindu Cantonese Restaurant”, and it was also called “Dongsi Cantonese Cuisine”. Later, the Japanese drama “Axin” became popular. Everyone had the idea to switch to Chen Jing’s name-just called “Ajing Cantonese Cuisine” “.

“Before Ah Jing, a few Beijingers had eaten Cantonese food!” Many old Beijingers say so.

From the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, Cantonese cuisine was in Beijing, and its presence was pitifully low.

Mr. Tang Lusun wrote about all kinds of food in Beijing, only Cantonese cuisine, he only wrote about “Enchengju” which was only affordable by Mei Lanfang and Qi Rushan. This restaurant did not exist later.

In 1983, Dasanyuan opened at the foot of Jingshan in Beijing, selling Cantonese cuisine, as well as Cantonese-style mooncakes and fresh seafood. Ordinary people are in awe, it is a paradise for upstarts and men.

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Unfortunately, the men also got out of the crowd. They ate and drank, giving the people a real temptation.

At this time, the special economic zone was planned and everyone yearned for Guangdong. Following this yearning, Guangdong barbers came to iron the heads of Beijingers, and Hong Kong construction companies came to Beijing to build buildings with Hong Kong businessmen’s money. The people need cheap Cantonese food.

The arrival of Ah Jing saved the Cantonese who lived in Beijing and the Beijinger whose heart was in Guangdong.

Chen Jing is busy in and out of the store every day. In order to attract business, regular customers will get a discount of 8 to 10%.

The Cantonese who came for dinner attracted the taxi driver, and she distributed the business cards to the drivers one by one, so that they would bring outsiders to eat.

Business is getting better and better, it is inevitable to expand and renovate at any time, and close the door as soon as it is decorated. Every time before the reopening, Chen Jing would take her acquaintances out to play and mention the opening of the taxi in the taxi for the driver to hear.

Chen Jing does have some means.

She will personally help the guests to order dishes. If they order too many dishes, she will promptly remind them; if there are guests who are arguing to ask her to order, she can settle the dispute with a few words, and the host and the host will be happy.

She started hiring waitresses, she didn’t want to be pretty, she didn’t even dress up too brightRow. She was worried that those pretty girls who came here might change jobs and go to the hotel someday.

The chairman Liu Xueyong also brought the hospitality of the old Beijing restaurant. As long as he is in the store, he must go to chat with the diners, and from time to time give a snack and a plate of dishes.

Here, everyone must serve with a smile, not a cold face like a waiter in a state-owned restaurant. The plate comes up, if there is a fishbone, immediately take it back and change it.

People who can afford Cantonese food for the first time have experienced the godly style brought by Hong Kong-style service.

In the Jiaozi Hutong that can’t be missed, there was a group of people sitting and waiting. This was a spectacle in Beijing at that time.

However, the fresh stimulation needs to be sustained.

In the advertisement of Ajing Cantonese cuisine back then, there was an eye-catching signature dish: one snake and three flavors.