Will you buy a house online?

Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat official account “E-commerce Online” (ID: dianshangmj), author: Zhu Yingli, editor: Adams asked.

“No matter which country, there are houses sheltered from wind and rain to gather people together, and feelings are born under this house.”

Houses are the roots of people and families. Buying a house is a major event.

But let me ask you a question: Will you buy a house online?

Intuitively, this is a risky decision. However, data from Ali shows that in 2019, the number of house visits on Taobao reached 80 million, and in the end, 150,000 sets were actually sold online.

In 2020, with the outbreak of the epidemic, more people are watching online or actually buying houses than expected.

On April 2, Wei Ya sold the hotel-style apartments in Forte One Center live on Taobao. In the end, 19.50 million people watched it and sold 853 coupons;

On April 15th, Li Xianghe R&F Properties cooperated to sell a 20% discount coupon for Building G3, Kunming R&F Bay, with 6 million viewers, and a set of 1.025 million new houses finally sold at a price of 73.8 seconds Sell ​​at a price of ten thousand yuan;

On April 24th, Tong Dawei started to sell 38 sets of special houses in Evergrande, and finally sold 6,848 “99 for 10,000” purchase coupons…

Liu Tao, Luo Yonghao, and even Xu Lei, CEO of JD Retail Group, have also joined the live-broadcasting of selling houses. The consumption habits of viewing and buying houses online have begun to penetrate into young consumers.

Along the path of live house sales, online real estate sales began to accelerate.

The Internet is a trend. The use of the Internet to transform all walks of life is a consensus gradually formed by the whole society in the past 20 years. However, in many large-scale and scattered industries, facing a large number of ills in the industry, the Internet is also