This article is from WeChat official account: Game Research Society (ID: yysaag) , Author: Tropic of Capricorn, original title: “Why did that “Ultimate Stitching Monster Game” become “extraordinary praise”? 》Source of head picture: B station UP Master Yu Tianmengming

In June this year, a two-minute game promotion video refreshed many people’s understanding of the word “game”.

This game is called “Craftopia”, which was later translated as “Creation of the Ideal Country”. It also has a widely spread nickname, called……

“I saved the mainland of Hailaru, and then went to Stardew Valley and opened an alien factory. At the same time, I was responsible for the mission of spreading fire and part-time Monster Hunter. I also dreamed of becoming a Pokémon training master. I thought about how to get a pilot license at the same time. Rockets sent to the sky.

As demonstrated in the promo, it is a hodgepodge, an ultimate stitching monster that tries to fuse several or even dozens of completely different game types together. Players can easily perceive the shadows of many masterpieces, and the official does not shy away from this, even taking advantage of the trend to “stitch” as the biggest selling point of the game.

Introduction to the Steam interface of “Creation Ideal Hometown”

The non-traditional advertising methods made “Creation Ideal Homeland” once bear the infamy of “shamelessness”, and it also attracted more players who are waiting to see how far it can stitch.

On the 4th of this month, the first day it was officially launched, the evaluation of “Creation of Ideal Land” on Steam was mixed, with a positive rate of over 50%. It stands to reason that the higher the hold, the worse the fall, but the cynicism has not had time to brew, and its praise rate has shown a steady increase in the following days-a week later, the praise of “Creation of Ideal Hometown” The rate has exceeded 80%, and is firmly in the “extraordinary praise” segment.

At the moment when the general environment is extremely sensitive to “plagiarism”, this game uses its personal experience to paint a weird scene of “the thief who punishes the hook and the thief of the country”.


It must be admitted that how to describe the specific gameplay of “Creation Ideal Township” clearly, meticulously and clearly is a difficult problem for me. To some extent, the more games you have played, the harder it is to tell what game it is.

Take personal experience as an example. From the first glance that I finished pinching the character and officially entering the game world, I was deeply confused.

The ultimate interpretation of “tool man”

It’s really confusing. I didn’t expect the basic tutorial of the game to be presented in this way. The NPCs with the titles of “Tutorial Girl” and “Tutorial Man” in the left and right rows are my novice mentors. Their only task is to explain to me the basic operation of the game one by one. (And create a weird atmosphere).

I almost only experienced this kind of scene in Dongsen a few months ago.

This opening gives people a strong sense of kuso game, that is, dung games and spoof games. In fact, before the release of “Creation Ideal Hometown”, many people looked at it with such expectations. it.

After all, I really want to stitch together those masterpieces with different styles. How do they sound like a fantasy? The only way out seems to be an effective imitation of “Simulated Goat”. Just play deconstructive art and behave like a fool. If you are serious, you lose. .

But “Creation of the World” is really serious. Looking back at the “horrifying” promo video 3 months ago, you will find that most of the game content shown in it has been implemented in today’s Early Access version.

“Spore”, which is famous for its mixed gameplay, in order to integrate different gameplay types in one game, the countermeasure adopted is to divide the era. The cell age is “big fish eat small fish”, and it evolved into the biological age to play role-playing, and then it became a real-time strategy in the tribal age.

The setting of “Creating World Ideal Hometown” is similar to it. In the very beginning of the Stone Age, the player’s game experience was very “wilderness”, basically it was to kill monsters and create a copy(temple)Explore the map< span class="text-remarks" label="Remarks">(with climbing and paragliding).

Complete the temple maze trial to get treasure chests and growth slabs

After collecting data and entering the era of farming, the game will unlock a large number of items. Reclaiming and planting farmland like “Random Story” will then become a new alternative to play.

With the continuous advancement of the game, it has undergone several era changes, domesticating monsters, driving vehicles and even industrial automation have been integrated into the game in this way.

The difference with “Spore” is that the gameplay of “Spore” is relatively fragmented, and different gameplays of different eras cannot coexist. However, “Creation Ideal Land” tries to make a pot of real chaos, adventure and seeding. The design of local animal husbandry and assembly line can be done simultaneously.

B station UP main Shangri”Automatic cooking” invented by Emperor La Great

As far as the core gameplay is concerned, this is a sandbox game similar to “Minecraft” and “Terraria”. Survival exploration and management and construction are the absolute main lines of all its gameplay.

Adventure like “Breath of the Wild”, hunt bosses like “Monster Hunter”, to get better equipment and props; farm like “Ranch Story” and “Stardew Valley”, like “Alien Factory” The purpose of automation is to obtain resources more conveniently and efficiently. The fundamental goal of the player is still a stronger character and a more luxurious base.

But in the process of pursuing the fundamental goal, the interaction between different gameplays will derive some interesting things. For example, I saw a UP owner invented a mining method that requires placing a conveyor belt next to the deposit, and then placing a large pot on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt keeps rolling, the cauldron keeps squeezing into the ore deposit, causing damage, and the ore is continuously produced.

From B station UP Master Yu Tian Mengming

Games with a cauldron often don’t have a conveyor belt, and games with a conveyor belt often don’t have a cauldron. This is the unique play point of the “stitching” game, and it is also the difference between “Creation Ideal Homeland” and the masterpieces stitched by it. Fundamental competitiveness.

On this basis, let’s look at the tricks played in “Ideal Land of Creation”, such as the visual style of “Breath of the Wild”:

For example, there are many ways to tame monsters, but you have to throw a ball like a Pokémon:

Another example is “There is a God on the Sky Island” who is clearly playing “Dragon Ball”. If you want to go to the island, you have to lay a wooden board diagonally to the sky like “Fortress Night”.

This type of forced stitching that is relatively floating on the surface is not so much stitching as the hype of “stitching” as a gimmick is more appropriate.


Normal speaking, when we introduce a game, we usually only talk about the product itself, but for such a special work, I still want to talk about its producer.

On the one hand, it’s because “Ideal Land of Creation” is still in a very immature stage, and there are still large blanks to fill in the game content, which is not much to say.