This article is from WeChat official account:AssBook Design Canteen (ID: AssBookGroup) , author: Hong Renjie, Kulthida Songkittipakdee (HAS design and research auspices architect), from the head of FIG: supply of FIG.

Deep into the city of Bangkok, you will find small street scales, charming street vendors, and borderless illegal buildings, which form a unique artificial landscape in Thailand and even the entire Asian city.(MANufAcTURE).

And these covered canopies, messy food stalls, roadside stalls, and mobile carts constitute a harmonious landscape, showing that the existence of temporary buildings truly reveals how people, as a part of nature, can rebuild in a reinforced concrete city Find another “new” nature.

Our architectural practice in Thailand is called “improvement architecture”(Improvised Architecture).

Our practice is different from conventional architects. Before establishing the firm with our partner Kulthida Songkittipakdee, we studied overseas separately, and then worked at Kengo Kuma Architectural Urban Design Office(Kengo Kuma and Associates) and Renzo Piano Building Workshop (Renzo Piano Building Workshop) for many years .

These practical experiences let us see how buildings truly stand in the world.

But although I am in Thailand, although it has experienced large-scale development and construction, the construction production still lacks theory and research to a certain extent. As a means of practice and politics, architectural production has received strong support, and has received widespread attention from the public and society-so “how to do architecture” is more important than “what is architecture”.

In an accidental opportunity, a monk commissioned our Buddhist temple project to prompt us to return to work in Bangkok. At the same time, we are engaged in composite architecture and urban research, hoping to let more people understand how architecture changes the social environment.

Bangkok Three Sacred Buddha Temple(Sa Sia Tua Temple) is the third year HAS has entered Thailand’s construction project and is currently waiting for monks and believers to raise funds Money.

Interestingly, most people’s perception of Thai architecture is still in resort hotel projects, such as the first by Architects 49 Limited