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Now when you talk about the game industry 30 years ago, most people may be feeling the passion of that initial period. As long as a few developers, a few months of development time, one million masterpieces may be achieved.

It seems that the working environment at that time was pure and beautiful. Ideas could be executed immediately as long as they came out. This is in sharp contrast with the thousands of people who have been hard to come back to now.

▲At that time, Hudson developed the software with only a few people, and he created works popular among elementary school students in Japan. The picture shows the “Star Warrior” Touring Tournament map

But that era also had its difficulties. Due to the small scale of the game development team at that time, one or two people often had to do the graphics and programming of the game. The production cycle is only a few months at most, and we often have to face the whimsical needs of planning and temporarily evict various functions.

The pressure of these programmers has nowhere to vent, and sometimes they put some very private content as easter eggs in the game. For example, we have introduced before The hidden love confession in “Battle of Tanks”.

In fact, such examples are not uncommon, but most of them are not so romantic. Instead, they are full of abuse of Party A, slander of colleagues, and even some tricks on the brain.

▲Hidden information in “Battle of Tanks”

Recently, a Japanese author named 4ST on YouTube dug into an FC game called “Young Dream Adventure”. The game itself is very low-profile, but because it hides a lot of malicious content, it has been exposed online again. I also sorted out some information myself, and seemed to have peeped into the dark side of the Japanese game industry 30 years ago.


Before getting into the main topic, you might as well have a brief understanding of what kind of game “Young Dream Adventure” is.

Its full name in Japanese is “Erika and Satoru’s Dream Adventure”, which is a text AVG game released in 1988. The game tells the story of a pair of siblings being taken by a magical cat to a different world where animals live and adventurous in it. The graphics of the game are fresh and refined and very cute.

StrongerThe bad thing is that it is also a unique doubles text AVG game. The game screen is divided into two parts, the 1P controls Erika, the 2P controls the enlightenment, the two move separately, looking for clues to solve the puzzle. Finally, we have to cooperate to play mini games to pass the level. The creativity is not outdated today, and it is very suitable for parent-child interaction.

But in such a “healthy” game, it was discovered that it may be the most unbearable language for red and white phones.

The conditions for displaying these hidden information are very harsh. So don’t worry too much that the children at that time would unintentionally see it. In fact, these contents were really revealed, and it is already 16 years later in 2004.

To uncover hidden information, the following steps are required:

1. Players need to get through the entire game. At the end of the protagonist’s family portrait photo, do not press any buttons and wait 18 minutes.

2. After 18 minutes, the picture becomes black and white.

3. Continue to wait for 18 minutes, the screen will turn dim yellow.

4. Wait another 55 minutes, the BGM will disappear. Then press “A+B+START+SELECT+←” on the 1P handle and “A+B+→” on the 2P handle at the same time, and the music of other games will appear.

5. At the same time, press “B+SELECT+→” on the 1P handle and “B+→+↓” on the 2P handle at the same time, and the screen will switch.

At this time, a man with sunglasses named Xiu Chong (sound) will appear on the screen, accompanied by hidden messages. And this Xiu Chong is the creator of this egg and the programmer of “Young Dream Adventure”.

▲This man with sunglasses is a Xiu Chong

The first paragraph shown here is the rhythm of the fight:

“Hmm, this song is really missed.

It was a wonderful time.

Everyone was professional then.


But what are these guys this time? “

The song Xiu Chong said is the “music of other games” mentioned above.

This game is an adaptation of the movie “Longwei Boy”. Only the US version is released. The publisher is the little rainbow LJN who has been producing feces. This game has also been scolded by the goddess James before.

Then why is such a game related to Namco? Because the developers of “Longwei Boy” and “Young Dream Adventure” are actually the same, which is Atlus, the developer of the “Persona” series, and Xiu Chong is the programmer of Atlus.

▲As early as the third episode of the Penshen series video, James screamed “Longwei Kid”

Xiu Chong feels that the professionals who developed “Longwei Boy” are nowhere higher than “Young Dream Adventure”. Obviously “Longwei Boy” is a kuso game, but for Xiu Chong, easy work is more important than anything else, and the game is naturally not in his consideration.


The content at the beginning may be just a complaint, but after that, it was a shocking speech:

“Kaoru Ogura who fooled around with men in the middle of development (sound)!

It’s you! You guy!

You did this six times with someone last night. You came to the company without taking a shower. “

If this paragraph were made public, it would constitute sexual harassment of female employees. In connection with the above, maybe Xiu Chong just wanted to scold her for going out with a guy regardless of the project. As for things like six times a night, just take a look.

Similar to this kind of slapstick, there are several paragraphs below:

“Give me something delicious, Okada (sound).

I know your sexual addiction. “

“Before I finish, I will bear with me not to take a bubble bath, Mr. Yamagishi(sound)!

Please relax and enjoy this kind of thing. “

“And Omachi Tatsuya(sound)!

Don’t look like a fool at work!

On the day the ROM was released, I was confidently late.

Even if you give me a little yellow book, I won’t forgive you.

What’s your weight? My belly is exposed.

So you only paid 18,000 yen and ended up with a kiss. “

Compared with the above, it can be seen that these few paragraphs seem to be acrimonious and obscene, but they secretly reveal a sense of affinity. It can be seen that Xiu Chong may be the boss of this group of people. Although they have negative comments on most male colleagues, they are still relatively polite.

But when it comes to the person Xiu Chong hates most, there is noThe question is Goto who frequently appears in these messages.

“Next, let’s talk about Goto Kiyoji who is the most dragged down this time!

It’s you! You guy!

If I had a time machine, I would definitely be the first to send you to the Edo period and let you play puzzle solving there. “

“Die me. Kiyoji Goto!

It’s you! You guy!

Woo! Die to me! “

“You are the hardest, Fujimura(sound)!

Thank you so much.

The one to hate is Goto! “

In short, this Goto is the biggest villain in this hidden message, and Xiu Chong has no grudge against him. Even when it comes to Goto-related content, the background music will change.

By coincidence, this Goto Kiyoji is the only human being among all the people mentioned by Xiuchong. Now he works as a lecturer in game planning at a game school called Tokyo Design Technology Center College.

Many lecturers in this school are veterans from Atlus, and they even wrote the works that Goto Kiyoji had participated in before. This “Youth Dream Adventure” is on the list. Kiyoji Goto is definitely the one who didn’t run away.

▲File of Goto, a lecturer at Tokyo Design Technology Center College

Interestingly, in school, he also emphasized the need to stimulate the motivation of every student. I don’t know when he knew that Mr. Xiu Chong scolded him thirty years agoDid you show any energy when the dog got bloody head?

Among all the negative information, is there any positive information? Is Xiu Chong really as he said, without a trace of fond memories? In fact, there is indeed a person whose surname is Iwata (sound) who has received his rare praise.

“Although I joined halfway, I really worked hard Iwata-san!

I’m sorry to be angry with you that day.

I have to cheer in the future. “

For a long time, many people have been guessing who this “Iwata-kun” is. There is no other reason, because the most famous Iwata in the world is Nintendo’s late president, Satoshi Iwata.

In the second half of the 1980s, Iwata was still a very capable programmer, fighting on the front line of game development, and indeed matched the production time of “Young Dream Adventure”. And think of Iwata Satoshi’s life before his death, he who is outstanding and honest, may indeed be recognized by Xiu Chong.

▲At the time, Satoshi Iwata was still a programmer, but he has achieved small achievements

However, Satoshi Iwata was at the HAL Institute at the time, and there was no indication that they had business dealings with Atlus, and for Iwata, who was already a little accomplished at the time, Hideworm could not use this tone to evaluate his jobs.

Actually, in another Atlus foundry game “Fairy Fight: Fighting Saint Warrior”, there was a player named Yuichi Iwata (sound) , it is very likely that Iwata-kun is talking about him.

Of course, there are some other people on the list of thanks, such as Takayama, Suzuki, and Li. They are all on the hero list of Xiu Chong, but these people areThe pen has been taken, but the jokes on the street are extremely detailed. It seems that this project has been completely destroyed.

Finally, the exhausted Xiu Chong left some words of love for his most important person:

“He Chong, I’m sorry that I can’t go home often.

I love you. It’s been a long time ago.

Show insects”

This Hechong may be Xiuchong’s son or his wife. However, due to the rush to work on the project, they often work overtime until late at night. The image of a 996 code farmer who has been torn down by the company is ready to emerge, and even often sleeps in the company. It seems that no matter what era, the game industry is a sweatshop. Most employees have nothing to do with creativity and passion. They just look forward to ordinary people who can sleep well during the sleepless nights.


There are many other hidden information in “Youth Dream Adventure”. The precious capacity of the game is graffitied by various handicrafts, which also proves the confusion of the development status from another side.

For example, the password of the game has a terrifying poem written in it.

As shown in the figure, the fifth, tenth and thirteenth pseudonym of the single-person gateway password can form a sentence:

You give me

I look good

I am now

Just go

Kill you

The access code for two persons is:

No more

This kind of


Hurry up

Fuck me to death

As for who left this, judging from this vicious attitude, most Xiu Chong is right. In addition, the game isWhen entering a specific password, you can also enable other hidden information. For example, if the player enters “net roast set meal”, something like this will appear:

“Please don’t let me stay overnight

Iwata and Yamagishi”

Judging from this weak pleading tone, it may not be Xiu Chong who left this message, but someone else in the development team. It is conceivable that he has been working all night, and when he saw the dawning sun rise in the sky, he thought of the delicious barbecue…

Although I don’t know if the game industry at the time was as hell-like as “Young Dream Adventure”, but it was one of the few works that allowed us to face the dark side of the industry. I believe that those outstanding products must have made countless unnamed developers put in a lot of effort.

Why is the development process of “Young Dream Adventure” so difficult, we can also find the answer from the game itself.

The reason lies in its two-player gameplay.

As a game of 1988, “Youth Dream Adventure” itself, its dynamic cutscene performances, like cartoon characters like picture books, have already led the era. And on this basis, the game actually has to realize the concept of two-player synchronization for an unprecedented time. It is conceivable that the burden on the program is enormous.

▲Doubles AVG, it’s the first time I’ve seen you in my life

In the game, two characters not only walk on an RPG-like map at the same time, but also when they walk near each other, they will also see another player character in the screen, in the screen of the other player , You will also see the player moving synchronously.

From today’s perspective, it may feel like nothing, isn’t it just two people playing doubles on the same map? But for FC’s hardware, two people can act on separate screens and rollThe screen, the actual interactive game, can already be called a show of skill.

With such an unrealistic request, it is no wonder that the Xiu Chong cursed in the form of a curse, and even thought that the colleagues who worked together with the dung “Vice Dragon Kid” were much more professional.

But for players, their happiness is based on the developer’s pain. A game like “Victor Boy” that makes developers happy to finish may disappoint and frustrate many children who have bought the game.

Perhaps, the relationship between game developers and us has never been so harmonious, has it?

This article is from WeChat official account:Game Research Club (ID: yysaag), author: nostalgia gaming house SIR