It’s another trillion cake.

In the morning of September 18th, Evergrande Automobile issued an announcement, announcing the plan to Shanghai Securities Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board listed.

After the news was released, Evergrande Motor’s stock rose by 4% at one time and then fell back. The latest market value is HK$212.544 billion.

It is worth noting that on September 15th, Evergrande just attracted the strategic investment of Jack Ma, Ma Huateng, and Ma Huateng. Its announcement revealed that Evergrande Automobile raised HK$4 billion through the placement of new shares, and the strategic investors introduced include Yunfeng Fund, Tencent, Sequoia Capital, Didi and other well-known investors.

In terms of the placing price, the price of each placing share is 22.65 Hong Kong dollars, which is a discount of approximately 19.96% compared with the closing price of 28.3 Hong Kong dollars per share on September 14. After the completion of the placement, China Evergrande’s shareholding in Evergrande Auto will be reduced to 73.5%.

Since this year, Tesla’s market value industry has reached the top, Xiaopeng’s New York Stock Exchange is listed, and BYD’s “A+H” share price has reached a new high on the same day… Whether in US stocks, Hong Kong stocks, or A shares, the new energy vehicle industry is current The “darling” sought after by the capital market.

In April, the China Securities Regulatory Commission lowered the market value threshold for domestic listing of red-chip companies, adding a new item to the original “not less than 200 billion yuan” standard, increasing the market value to more than 20 billion yuan, and owning independent research and development , International leading technology, strong scientific and technological innovation capabilities, including companies in a relatively dominant position in the competition in the same industry.

On the Science and Technology Innovation Board, high-tech companies have better financing advantages. Auto companies can not only enjoy policy dividends, but also open up domestic financing channels.

With the help of the policy dividend, Geely Automobile (00175.HK) announced in June this year that it applied to be listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and plans to raise 20 billion yuan. In addition, auto companies such as Dongfeng and Weimar are also applying for an IPO on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

Some investment bankers said that it is only a matter of time before Evergrande Motors is listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

Through multiple acquisitions, China Evergrande has opened the door to the new energy automobile industry as a real estate developer. Up to now, Evergrande Automobile has built a full industrial chain covering vehicle manufacturing, powertrain, power battery, automobile sales, smart charging and other fields.

This year, Evergrande has accelerated the pace of car manufacturing. In August, Evergrande Motor unveiled 6 prototypes of the “Hengchi” series. It is said that the performance indicators can be fully benchmarked against Tesla. It is expected to roll off the production line in the second half of next year. Mass production. It is understood that its production bases in Shanghai and Guangzhou will be ready for trial production this month.

According to the plan, Hengchi’s full range of products will be mass-produced one after another from 2021, and will give priority to trial production of some engineering prototypes this year.

At the 2020 Interim Results Conference of Evergrande Auto, President Liu Yongzhuo introduced that Evergrande Auto is rapidly preparing for the exhibition experience, sales, and maintenance of Hengda Auto There are three major after-sales service centers, including 36 Hengchi display and experience centers, 1,600 Hengchi sales centers, and 3,000 self-operated and authorized maintenance service centers.

While the strength and number of new energy automobile companies continue to grow, the market itself continues to expand rapidly. In 2019, the global sales of new energy passenger vehicles were 2.21 million, of which 1.21 million were in the Chinese market.

“The new energy vehicle market will reach trillions of dollars in the future. If you want to seize sufficient dividends in time, you must achieve rapid growth. This is also the case Auto companies are actively embracing the capital market and opening up the biggest driving force for financing channels.” The above-mentioned investment banker said.