This article is from WeChat official account: Film independence tongue (ID: dusheme) , Author: Feng Yi, the original title: “” Silent Truth ” The response is not silent, but Zijin Chen’s IP library has really bottomed out.” Source of head picture: “The Silent Truth”

A few days ago, “The Silent Truth”, adapted from the novel “Long Night Is Difficult to Know”, went online.

So far, well-known reasoning writer Zi Jinchen’s “Socialist” mystery novel trilogy (the other two are “Undocumented Crimes” and “Bad Children” ) has all been filmed.

The works of Zijin Chen that were on the air at the same time, as well as the “Conspiracy” adapted from “High IQ Crimes”. This is an old work produced in 2017. It tells the story of two criminal policemen who found something strange in an accidental murder case, and pulled the cocoon to bring the real murderer to justice. But compared to “The Silent Truth”, which revealed the explosion of styles just after it went online, “The Conspiracy” is not a big splash.

However, for Zijin Chen, the low move of “The Strategy” is nothing. Since the broadcast of “Undocumented Crimes”, the film and television adaptation rights of his works have quickly sold out. After “The Silent Truth” was broadcast, “The Tracker” that was written the year before and the “Low IQ Crimes” published this year may also be filmed. The question is, why do suspense dramas like Zijin Chen so much?