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“Happy Comedian” has been out in season 6, and the championship has been born 4 months ago. Sir bet there are not many people who can call out their names.

Please welcome 6 champions Jin Fei and Chen Xi (man in red coat)

Comedy shows are declining, but another kind of comedy is slowly emerging-the development of comedy.

For example, when it started broadcasting in May, the annual black list count must not have run. “It’s so good to smile” (Douban 3.0); He Jiong and Zhang Wei’s Variety Café selection show “Serious Gagamen”, the response and effect were very few.

Are the comedians in the arena? Or ask a little bit more heartily: Can comedians still have rivers and lakes?

Don’t panic, there are still people trying. Deyun, the leading label in the Chinese comedy industry, has been planning a series of rounds since last year. It was shot early, and it was originally scheduled to be broadcast in May this year, but for some reason, it was repeatedly shelved. Until September, I opened the box with Deyun and got together on the “Gangsi Festival”. Also changed its name from the original “De Yun Gong Xiao She” to “De Yun Dou Xiao She”.

“Fighting” is obviously more radical than “confession”, from a somewhat humble upward movement to an active offensive posture.

But can you win by taking the initiative?


“Deyun Douxiaoshe” started on Douban at 8.3, and the third episode has nearly 300 million broadcasts.

Good grades. In appearance, it is the lowest average appearance value of the Chinese men’s team.

The format is game + cross talk competition. Every three episodes is a round, each episode obtains the right to form the team and the order of appearance for the episode through tasks, and the final elimination system will determine the “New Deyun Brother”.

The packaging is also a bit particular. A collection of storytelling, cross talk, variety shows, film and television, and animation.

Guo Degang takes the lead and collectively “does not do what is right”. At the beginning of each episode, the famous mouth of Deyun Society, Yan Hexiang, plays a table with a sound of wood.

Anime clips are also quite youthful and dynamic.

In the third episode, the guys who were addicted to the drama also performed.