Liu Daming received a call from his father and asked him to go home to help take care of his brother Liu Dajun’s wedding.

Liu Daming’s brother Liu Dajun died of illness two years ago.

According to the custom in Xingning, his hometown, Liu Dajun was a man who died before marrying his wife. He needs to be matched with “yin marriage.” “Yin marriage” is also called “unmarried man”. After death, find a dead unmarried woman to be buried together to complete the formal wedding. Legend has it that if the dead unmarried are not “married”, the home will be haunted, making the home restless. Affected by local customs, most elderly people think that their children have not yet married after their deaths, and their graves have become solitary graves, which are not good for their own feng shui and will also affect the prosperity of the family’s descendants. Therefore, if a family has children who have died before marriage, the family will enlist the help of the surrounding Feng Shui or matchmaker to find an unmarried corpse to match a nephew.

After the death of the eldest son, the old man Liu and his family almost died of crying. A good son said that he was gone, and Aunt Liu was even more sad and lying in bed for a full month.

Liu Dajun was 23 years old when he died, and he had reached the age to marry him. The old man in the Liu family was thinking about giving his son a secret marriage so that he would not be lonely underground by himself, and he would lose his mind.

But I haven’t run into a married girl in the past two years. Old man Liu and his wife were also very anxious, all day long hoping which girl would have a sudden misfortune, and they would ask where there are unmarried female corpses to buy.

Two days ago, Zhang matchmaker from a neighboring village knocked on the door of Liu’s house and told them that there was a girl in Feng County who was about to die of illness. The family was very poor and her mother was also treated in the hospital. I was so ill and waited for money, so I was willing to make my daughter a female partner. He asked the Liu family if they wanted the girl and brought a picture of the girl. Old man Liu was full of joy when he saw that the woman in the photo was beautiful and young. The two sides negotiated a price of 30,000 yuan. Although the amount of money is not small, the Liu family’s beloved son is eager and gritted their teeth and agreed.

The next day, Old Man Liu went to the town to buy the utensils for the impending marriage according to Zhang’s matchmaker’s instructions, and only waited for the “bride” to enter the door.

Although Liu Daming has already worked in the city, he is familiar with and understands the customs of his hometown. He hurriedly asked his boss for leave and went back to help for a few days.

After arriving home, he took a picture of the future “sister-in-law” Xiaoxia from his father and was stunned at the first glance. The woman in the photo turned out to look very similar to her former colleague Li Qiuyan. Li Qiuyan is an accountant. When the two were in a company, Liu Daming was a bit interesting to her, and often asked her out for a meal. Last year, Li Qiuyan made a mistake in her work, and was fired by her boss. She went to work in another city, and the contact between the two gradually decreased.

See this picture with Li QiuyanA woman who looked very similar was about to become his own future “sister-in-law”, and Liu Daming was shocked. He asked his father about the situation of the woman. Hearing that the woman’s home is in Feng County, he felt a little relieved because he remembered that Li Qiuyan’s hometown was in Qingshui. However, after a long time, he was still full of doubts and couldn’t let go of it. In the photo, the girl and Li Qiuyan look too much alike, and they are also similar in age. After hesitating for a long time, he still picked up the phone and dialed Li Qiuyan’s number.

A professional female voice came from the receiver: “I’m sorry that the phone you dialed is turned off…” This voice made Liu Daming’s heart bursts of chills. Except for this mobile number, he has no other contact information for Li Qiuyan.

There are more people looking alike under the world, let alone seeing a photo, Liu Daming comforted himself.

It was the next night to match the yin marriage with my brother Liu Dajun. After 7 o’clock that night, Zhang Matchmaker and two men brought Xiaoxia’s body.