Lao Xu is a retired employee of the museum. His wife died early and lived alone in a huge old house. Fortunately, his daughter Zhenzhen chose to return to work after graduating from university. This is how old Xu felt that life had fun. The old house was bought by Old Xu in the early years. The exterior is old, but the decoration inside is okay. Old Xu lives on the first floor and his children live on the second floor. You can see the backyard through the windows on the second floor. The third floor is a small attic. There are all unused old furniture and books, the door is locked, and only Old Xu has the key. The backyard of the old house is full of various flowers and plants. There are a few old elm trees in the middle of the yard. Old Xu built a small pond under the trees to raise fish. In his free time, Old Xu would take care of his flowers in the backyard, feed the fishes, and listen to the radio.

Once Zhenzhen was shopping with Lao Xu. On the way back, he ran into a thief. The thief robbed Zhenzhen’s wallet and ran away. Zhenzhen shouted: “Catch the thief.” I saw the crowd. A young guy rushed out of the middle, picked up the flower pot on the side of the road and smashed it over. The thief fell to the ground, and the guy stepped forward, holding down the fallen thief and grabbing the wallet. Just inadvertently, the thief quickly drew a fruit knife and stabbed the boy in the face. The boy blocked his hand and injured his wrist. The thief took advantage of the situation and fled. Zhenzhen quickly helped the boy up and brought him into her home to bandage him. “What I learned is nursing. Don’t worry, the wound is not deep and won’t be infected. Thank you just now. By the way, what’s your name?” Zhenzhen chatted with him while bandaging. “My name is Cao Ran.” The guy responded with a smile. Old Xu handed him a cup of tea: “Xiao Cao, thank you so much. The thieves are so rampant now that they dare to rob in the street in broad daylight.” “It should be, you’re welcome.” In this way, Cao Ran and Zhenzhen met. Zhenzhen immediately liked Cao Ran and left contact information with each other.

Later, Zhenzhen often asked Cao Ran out to play, go shopping for dinner and watch movies. Cao Ran is tall, handsome and humorous, and Zhenzhen gradually depends on Cao Ran’s life like a little woman. But every time Zhenzhen came home, apart from asking about Zhenzhen and Cao Ran’s situation, Old Xu always reminded his daughter to be cautious: “You still don’t understand Cao Ran’s family background. Don’t get too close to him, girl. The family must learn to protect themselves, and he still comes from Xi’an.” “Dad, why are you so old-fashioned? Nowadays, young people still need to pay attention to the family when they fall in love, right? What’s wrong with Xi’an, the scenery is better than Beijing. Cao Ran Be nice to me, considerate and generous, always make me laugh, and I am very happy with him.” Zhenzhen made a happy expression, “He may be the person I was destined for.” Seeing that his daughter was so happy, Old Xu smiled and said: “Well, find a time to bring Cao Ran back for a meal. We understand and understand each other.” Zhenzhen was happy when she heard: “Well, just this Sunday, we Both are on holiday. I will tell Cao Ran the good news.”

Early on Sunday morning, Old Xu went out to buy a lot of vegetables. Zhenzhen and Cao Ran strolled for a while and bought foreigners for Old XuParticipate in waiting for gifts, and I’m back when it’s almost time for dinner. There was still some time before lunch, and Cao Ran asked Zhenzhen to show him around this ancient house. Zhenzhen happily led Cao Ran to tell him about the history of the old house. When she visited Zhenzhen’s room on the second floor, Cao Ran stopped and stared at the attic on the third floor: “What is the attic above?” “It’s all old furniture and stuff. It’s all things that you don’t need and can’t bear to throw away.” “Locked?” Cao Ran walked to the attic door and touched the lock on the door and asked. “Dad said that it was filled with things from the past and my mother, and he sealed the attic for fear of touching the scene.” “Do you have no key?” “The key is only for Dad. He usually doesn’t let me in. I only went in when I was young.” Cao Ran stared for a while. At this time, Old Xu stood at the top of the stairs and shouted: “We have dinner.”

During the dinner, Cao Ran was polite. “Little Cao, I heard Zhenzhen said that you were from Xi’an and came to Beijing to work last year?” “Yes, uncle, there is a lot of room for development in big cities.” “What do your parents do?” “Dad, do you check your household registration? What?” Zhenzhen smiled a little embarrassedly. “They are all ordinary workers in their hometown.” “It’s not easy to get a foothold in Beijing on your own. Come and toast you.” Everyone had a good chat. Of course, the happiest one was Zhenzhen. She believed in Cao Ran even more. Is the Prince Charming in his mind.