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The value of beauty is justice.

Throughout the ages, the bias of this sentence has been verified many times. In the “outside the law” of the Internet, the first glance is to decide right from wrong.

On such an unremarkable Tuesday, Xiao Zhang broke into the number one Weibo search with a handsome face.

As of the time of publication, the number of Weibo topics of #小张被浴玻璃门剪伤手# has exceeded 1.12 billion, with more than 174,000 discussions.

Just as netizens exclaimed who Xiao Zhang would come to, they discovered that the boss behind the scenes that promoted Zhang’s popularity across the Internet was the famous Zhejiang livelihood news program “1818 Golden Eye.”

With the consistent maverick interview style and strong life atmosphere, “1818 Golden Eye” has become a source of happiness for surfing netizens. As a treasure show that has repeatedly broken the circle, today’s new list will talk to you about the fate of “1818 Golden Eye”.

The whole network escorted Xiao Zhang to debut

September 22, “1818 Yellow”Golden Eye” released a livelihood news about “bathroom glass door exploded and cut hands”.

In the show, the protagonist Xiao Zhang tells about his experience of cutting his hands because the glass door of the rented bathroom exploded. He believes that this time the bathroom glass door exploded because of the material selection problem of the apartment property. Up to now, more than 8,000 medical expenses have been spent. Considering the follow-up treatment, I hope the property can bear the cost. However, the property owner refused to take responsibility and was only willing to pay 1 month’s rent as compensation. At the end of the interview, Xiao Zhang, who had nowhere to file a lawsuit, considered that he would take legal means to resolve the matter.

At first glance, this is an ordinary social and people’s livelihood dispute. However, with his fearless appearance facing the camera, Xiao Zhang was crowned as a Weibo hot search King on September 22, and he continued to dominate the hot search TOP 5.

In the afternoon, related hot searches ranged from “Xiao Zhang was cut on his hand by the bathroom glass door” to “How did Xiao Zhang get hurt so handsome?” The Internet once again showed pity for Jiaohua.

After releasing the video of the show, Xiao Zhang himself reposted the Weibo, and all the popular comments were the crusade against the property and his heartache for Xiao Zhang.

As of press time, the video views of “1818 Golden Eye” have reached 50.22 million views, and Xiao Zhang’s personal Weibo has increased from a few hundred fans to 170,000. Some netizens exposed that Xiao Zhang is actually the Taobao anchor of a certain menswear brand. In response, the brand also actively responded to the enthusiasm that “I am currently single and recuperating”, which caused a new round of gossip among netizens.

As the incident continued to ferment, “1818 Golden Eye” quickly followed up with a supplementary interview at 4 pm that day.

Faced with the popularity of the whole network, Xiao Zhang said, “I was only thinking about rights protection, but I didn’t expect to be on hot search.” It also stated that the apartment management staff has promised to bear medical expenses and will not compensate for lost work expenses.

1818’s celebrity cradle legend

Today, there are netizens who have made trouble, saying that the person who was reported by “1818 Golden Eye” has a certain probability of becoming an Internet celebrity.

Previously, many amateurs have reported on the Internet for programs (And handsome) became famous. Some enthusiastic netizens made a comprehensive summary, including but not limited to:

1. Mr. Liu from the Hangzhou Yuesao incident

The newly married Mr. Liu spent 25,000 yuan to hire a confinement wife to take care of his wife, and changed 3 “wonderful” confinements within 45 days. Mr. Liu was entangled by the Yuesao company for exposing the matter, so he resorted to