After receiving a call from Meizi, Jiang Youming can’t wait to return to his hometown. Meizi is his first girlfriend, and he has always loved her deeply. However, for some reason, he has been away from home for three years and has not been in contact with her. Now Meizi is getting married, he should go back anyway.

After a 6-hour drive, Jiang Youming got out of the car and took the car back to the town. There are still those familiar and enthusiastic villagers in the town, but they always treat him coldly. He greets and smiles, but they get cold and indifferent eyes. Could it be that what happened three years ago was revealed? Thinking of this, Jiang Youming couldn’t help but shiver.

Coming to Meizi’s house in anxiety, Jiang Youming knocked on the door. Meizi came to open the door soon. Seeing Jiang Youming, a complex expression flashed across her face, and she said to Jiang Youming, “I’m really sorry.”

Jiang Youming followed Meizi into the house, not feeling Taste. Three years ago, he had sneaked into the window more than once and stayed quietly with Meizi. Three years have passed, but his favorite girl wants to become someone else’s woman. How can he be willing? Meizi poured plum tea for him, and Jiang Youming asked who was the groom? Meizi said without raising her head, “Zhang Erhe in Zhendong. You know, he has always liked me.”

With just one sentence, Jiang Youming’s teacup fell off. To the ground. Zhang Erhe? Meizi said flatly: “You left without saying anything, and then there was no news. I have been waiting for you for three years, long enough, right? Who am I marrying, do you still care?”

Looking at Meizi’s melancholy gaze, Jiang Youming’s heart was up and down. At this moment, he couldn’t care about Meizi’s feelings at all. There seemed to be something in his mind smashing, hammering, and then again. He must figure out, Meizi really wants to marry Zhang Erhe? However, three years ago, he clearly killed Zhang Erhe and buried him in an urn under a tree. And this is exactly why Jiang Youming left the town. He killed someone and he can no longer pretend to stay at home as if nothing had happened. Even, he did not dare to tell Meizi. Meizi’s parents only have one daughter, and they want her to end their care. How could she leave her home with him?

Through the window, Jiang Youming saw the old plum tree in the yard. The custom here is to plant a tree in the courtyard. Or camphor or elm or poplar or locust, not only that, there is also an urn buried under the tree. The urn is very big, and the urn is buried from the day the tree is planted. When the relatives died, they were placed in the urn and covered with a lid. On New Year’s and holidays, or when the food is abundant, you must put a bowl of meat and vegetables under the tree for your loved ones. In this way, three years later, the coffin will be put into the burial.

Funeral, this may be the best memory for loved ones.

Jiang Youming bid farewell to Meizi and hurried home and opened the door that had been locked for three years. Standing in the yard full of fallen leaves, he was motionless. Jiang Youming tried to recall the scene three years ago. Zhang Erhe returned from prison for theftNot long after he came, one night he was so drunk that he went to find Jiang Youming, and said uncleanly, “Why do you want to marry Meizi? Meizi belongs to me, do you know? She belongs to me! Four years ago, she was mine. In the sorghum field, her first time gave me…”

Hearing this, Jiang Youming was shocked. It was Zhang Erhe? ! Four years ago, he rescued plums that jumped into the river by the river. Meizi cried to him that she was raped in the sorghum field by the town. At that time, after being covered by a dirty and smelly towel, she lost consciousness. Only death can wash away her shame. Unexpectedly, that wicked man was Zhang Erhe?

Jiang Youming grabbed Zhang Erhe, but although Zhang Erhe was drunk, Jiang Youming was not his opponent at all. Zhang Erhe overturned him to the ground, punching and kicking him. Jiang Youming was beaten to stare at Venus. He was so angry that he randomly grabbed a stone in the corner of the house with his hand, copied it and threw it on Zhang Erhe’s head.

Zhang Erhe fell to the ground without a sound. Jiang Youming got up, panting heavily. After a few minutes, he felt wrong. Zhang Erhe’s head blood flowed more and more, and when he probed his breath, there was no breath. Jiang Youming was so scared that he almost slumped to the ground. He killed Zhang Erhe!

After shaking for ten minutes, Jiang Youming had an idea. Wrapped Zhang Erhe’s body in cloth, dug up the big urn under the tree, and stuffed him in. Clean up all traces, it’s dawn. After this incident, Jiang Youming was uneasy every day. Once he got home, he couldn’t help but look at the peach tree, most importantly the urn under the peach tree. After thinking hard, Jiang Youming finally left the town.

After standing in the yard for half an hour, it got dark. Jiang Youming locked the door from the inside, then took a shovel and started digging. Digging until it was half a foot deep, he saw the urn, which was still well sealed. Jiang Youming let out a long sigh of relief and slowly lifted the cement cover, and he stuck his head out.

At that moment, Jiang Youming’s hair was terrified., the urn is actually empty. He rubbed his eyes and looked again, there was still nothing in the urn. Jiang Youming stood up in a cold sweat. The cement cover is sealed, and the soil under the tree has not been dug up, but what about Zhang Erhe’s body? Can a dead person escape? This, this is absolutely impossible.

Jiang Youming quickly filled the soil back. At this moment, he heard a knock on the door. He didn’t agree, and the shovel swung faster. The knocking on the door continued, Jiang Youming covered up the soil indiscriminately and walked to the door. It’s actually plums. Meizi saw him sweating and asked what’s wrong with him? Jiang Youming replied indiscriminately, asking her if there was anything wrong. Meizi said that Zhang Erhe wanted to invite him to drink, and specifically asked Meizi to invite him.

Jiang Youming’s scalp is numb and he wants to refuse, but nodded involuntarily. He tried to calm down and told selfSelf, he must meet Zhang Erhe to see if he is a man or a ghost!

Following Meizi to Zhendong, Meizi was silent on the way. Halfway, she stopped suddenly, pointed at the moon in the sky, and asked Jiang Youming if she remembered the past. Jiang Youming was taken aback, and suddenly understood what Meizi meant.

Ten years ago, Jiang Youming’s parents died young and he lived with relatives in a small town. He was bullied all the time because of his short birth. On several occasions, he was hit by someone riding on him. Meizi stood by his side, patted the dirt on his body for him, and comforted him that it is better to tell a story to herself. If someone bullies you again, you can make up stories for yourself until you coax yourself to forget the uncomfortable and humiliating. At that time, it was such a full moon. After Meizi finished speaking, she pointed to the top of her head: “When the moon is still missing. Is the missing piece not eaten by the dog?”

Thinking of these words, Jiang Youming suddenly felt There was a chill. When he was a child, he used to deceive himself so often. When he grew up, he would beat those who bullied him to a bruised face, and even imagined that he had avenged them. Although it was self-deception, it made him survive year after year. Could it be that when he killed Zhang Erhe, he also told himself a story?

Jiang Youming’s heart beat violently. Meizi walked ahead and opened the door of Zhang Erhe’s house. Zhang Erhe was standing in the yard, with a tower-like body, a cross-face, and his eyes still looked fierce. Jiang Youming’s hands were sweaty, Zhang Erhe was not dead at all, it turns out that he killed Zhang Erhe is only his own imagination! At that moment, Jiang Youming felt that his whole person was about to explode!

Zhang Erhe was drinking and didn’t look up at Meizi. Jiang Youming looked at Meizi’s thin body, with a slightly sad look in his eyes, and said to himself that he must never let Meizi marry this bastard man, never!

Zhang Erhe drank all the wine on the table without paying attention to Jiang Youming and Meizi. He even hummed a little song in his mouth, eating peanuts piece by piece. Jiang Ming was furious, he recovered and told Meizi to go home and wait for him. Meizi hesitated, and agreed to leave. Now, all Jiang Youming is thinking is that he must get rid of this villain. It is not enough to leave the town with Meizi. Zhang Erhe will find her parents and bully her relatives. He has spoiled the plum, and he must not spoil the plum for a lifetime! Thinking of this, Jiang Youming stretched his hand to his waist, where a small but extremely sharp fruit knife hung.

With half a bottle of wine falling, Zhang Erhe staggered to his feet and walked to the osmanthus tree in the middle of the courtyard to urinate. Just as he looked up at the sky, Jiang Youming had already walked to Zhang Erhe’s side, with the knife in his hand, and the fruit knife plunged into his heart accurately. Zhang Erhe seemed very surprised, turned his head, and fell to the ground dumbly. Panting heavily, Jiang Youming picked up the shovel and dug up the osmanthus tree. He had to bury Zhang Erhe’s body in the urn. This is a hidden bodyThe best place for body. Without much effort, a big black urn came out. Jiang Youming squatted down and lifted the lid. Under the bright moonlight, he actually saw a skeleton hidden in the tank. The skeleton is wearing a white scarf, wearing glasses, and hanging his head. Jiang Youming took two steps back, almost unable to believe his eyes. Well, that is clearly Jiang Youming himself!

This, what is going on? He is dead? Was it put in the urn by Zhang Erhe? Jiang Youming hugged his head and couldn’t believe it at all. Gradually, he seemed to recall some vague fragments. Not long after Zhang Erhe returned from prison, he specially invited him to drink. He didn’t want to go, but Zhang Erhe insisted on asking. After drinking a few glasses, Zhang Erhe persuaded him to give up the plum, but Jiang Youming naturally refused. Zhang Erhe said that the plum is his, and no one wants to take it away. Then Jiang again knew what he had done to Meizi before. He was furious, but before he stretched out his fist, Zhang Erhe knocked him to the ground with three punches and kicks. Jiang Youming said that as long as he is alive, he will never let Zhang Erhe move the plum. In this way, Zhang Erhe threw Jiang Youming, who was still panting, into the urn under the tree, and covered it with a cement lid.

Jiang Youming in the urn struggled to climb out of the urn to kill Zhang Erhe until he died. In fact, he died three years ago. It was only his soul who crawled out, and it was only his soul who killed Zhang Erhe and escaped from his homeland in imagination. So, when he entered the town, all the villagers treated him indifferently, because they couldn’t see him at all. Zhang Erhe is the same.

Jiang Youming slowly got up and came to Meizi’s door again. Meizi looked at him with a smile, Jiang Youming didn’t understand why Meizi could see him? Meizi looked at him affectionately, opening the urn under the plum tree in the courtyard.

She seriously said to Jiang Youming: “Thank you.”

Opening the urn, Jiang Youming saw a girl buried in the urn. Wearing a red jacket and a green satin dress, she wore a fake jade bracelet on her hand—that was a gift from Jiang Youming to Meizi. After Jiang Youming’s death, Zhang Erhe molested Meizi again and told Meizi about the killing of Jiang Youming. Meizi threw himself into the river that night.

“I have been looking for you. I have been looking for you for three years before I found it. I will send you back to the town and let you see our remains, so that you can learn from the stories you have woven Come out, now we can be together forever.” Meizi said, holding Jiang Youming’s hand.

Jiang Youming looked at Meizi and suddenly wanted to cry. However, Jiang Youming smiled. Being with Meizi is the happiest wish in his life, and he should never have tears. Embracing Meizi, Jiang Youming whispered: “I’m sorry.”

Meizi leaned her head on Jiang Youming’s chest, and also whispered: “It’s okay.”