Heping Garden is a newly developed community. I am a sales lady in Heping Garden.

This day I took a new client to see the showroom. Halfway through the house, the client signed a purchase agreement with me. This is the thirteenth house I sold this month.

It happened to be the day when I was paid, and I received a heavy red envelope. I smiled at the handsome manager Bai, who also squeezed me. I feel disgusting but I can’t refuse such ambiguousness, because I need money and this job.

At night, I returned to my residence. There is only one bed and a huge picture in the huge room. The bed was a double bed, covered with black and white sheets, solemn and weird. The photo is also black and white, and is a portrait of a handsome man.

This man’s name is Xu Han, my boyfriend passed away because of an accident. In order to miss him, I made the rented house look like a mourning hall, all in black Or white. I think that only in this way can I get closer to him.

I stroked Xu Han’s face in the photo, and then leaned my body tightly on Xu Han’s photo. I seem to feel someone hugging my body with his arms. I turned my head back sharply, and there was still only myself in the room, but the curtains I drew swayed in the wind a few times.

My nerves became tense, and I shouted into the air: “Xu Han, Xu Han, is that you?” No one responded in the empty room. I relaxed, and then I remembered that the windows were closed tightly, and where the wind in the airtight room made the curtains swing! I looked at the white curtain with fearful eyes, as if there was some terrible monster behind it.

That night, I kept staring at the curtains and dared not sleep for a long time. When it was about to dawn, I finally closed my eyes, but I felt that someone was weighing heavily on me. When I opened my eyes, there were still only pictures of me and Xu Han in the huge room.

For half a month, I experienced the same thing every night. I think it might be the hallucinations that I miss Xu Han too much. Called my girlfriend Xiaolan, she said straightforwardly: “Your house is too much like a mourning hall, how could it not be haunted!”

I don’t know what to say, there is a moment of silence, my girlfriend Mi persuaded: “Let the past pass. You can’t catch yourself up because Xu Han is dead! Hurry up and move to a popular house and start a new life!”

I choked on the phone and said, “Never.” Xiaolan hung up angrily.

Because of a severe lack of sleep, I looked haggard when I went to work. Manager Bai walked up to me and asked ambiguously: “What’s wrong with Qin Mei?”

I replied”It’s nothing. The room I live in is too noisy, and I don’t have a good rest at night.” Manager Bai said kindly, “There is a guest room on the third floor of the sales department. No, please move in!”

Manager Bai’s home is out of town, so the company prepared a bedroom for him on the third floor of the sales department. The guest room that Manager Bai said was very close to his bedroom. If I moved in, he and I would be left on the third floor of the sales department at night. His intention is self-explanatory, and I am unwilling in my heart, but happily promised to go back to pack up and move in as soon as possible.

That night, I called Xiaolan again. I said to her, “I’m going to live in the sales department. I hope you will organize things with me tonight.”

Xiaolan’s words are unobstructed: “The changes in women are really real. Come on, I figured it out after a day!” I still didn’t say anything. Xiaolan is my only female friend. Although she is not forgiving, she is a very good person.

Actually, my luggage is so simple that I don’t need to pack, only some changes of clothes and that huge photo. Xiaolan and I lay on the bed and talked to each other.

Xiaolan said: “You really want to let that Bai Bai eat tofu?”

I still don’t know what to say what. (Uncle Ghost: http://www.guidaye.com/ please keep the reprint!)

Xiaolan suddenly yelled: “Qin Mei, why are you screwing me?”

I said something indiscriminately, and my heart was in chaos again. Because my hand was resting peacefully on my chest at the moment, and just a second before Xiaolan’s call, my right leg was twisted severely. I don’t know whose hands belong to, maybe it belongs to the man named Xu Han in the photo.

The next day, I moved to the sales department, but no one ate my tofu at night, because Manager Bai went to the province for a meeting, and I was the only one in the sales department. . Maybe because I didn’t sleep well for too long, I was very sleepy and fell asleep in a few minutes. That night was very peaceful. In my sleep, I seemed to have gone back to the past, Xu Han was still by my side, hugging me tenderly and touching me gently. I felt my tears streaming down, and I also felt that someone wiped my tears, that person’s hands were so big and so cold.

After half a month, Manager Bai came back. He walked to my side and said, “I’ll be waiting for you tonight!”

However, on that night, Manager Bai died in his house. I found the corpse. When I knocked on Manager Bai’s door in the morning, I found that the door was hidden. I opened the door and went in, and I saw Manager Bai lying on the ground. At this moment, he was looking at me with horrified eyes, his hands were gripping the neckline, but his body was not cold.A hint of temperature.

I called the police. I know I can’t argue with each other, because there are only two people in the sales department, Manager Bai and me, and the doors and windows are intact.

Fortunately, a policeman found the monitor in the house where I lived, and the monitor’s light was on. They turned on the video on the monitor and saw me staring at a photo on the sofa all night in a daze, and never left. They let me go. Although I still have a lot of doubts, I have a good proof.

Actually, I didn’t really do anything that night. But I did hear the scream of panic from Manager Bai in the next room, and that sound conveyed to me besides fear or fear. Manager Bai was strangling his throat so hard that he couldn’t make a sound.

Slowly, there was no sound in his room. I looked at Xu Han’s photos until dawn. It was not that I was not sleepy, but that fear made me unable to sleep. I know something must have happened in the next room.

Without Manager Bai, another manager was quickly transferred from above. The house is still selling well. My salary bonus is still high.

The entire community was sold out in half a year. After the sale of each real estate is over, the sales department will be dismantled, I packed my luggage and moved out of the sales department.

On the day the sales department was going to be demolished, Mr. Chen came. He is the real boss and the real beneficiary. He gave everyone in the sales department a huge red envelope. At noon, Mr. Chen invited the guests and said that he would give us a celebration for the sales department, and said that he would sell us the next real estate.

At the celebration banquet, I poured Mr. Chen one cup after another. After three rounds of drinking, he was drunk. I said to help him return to the sales department to rest. His drunken eyes glanced at my collar, half-pushed and half-pushed my waist, and followed me to the third floor of the sales department.

This place has been moved in a mess, and the rest is just worthless tatters.

I sent him into Manager Bai’s room and let him lie on the sofa and wait for me. Unexpectedly, when I came back from the bathroom a moment later, I found that he fell to the ground with his head hitting the triangle on the coffee table, and blood poured out from his forehead. He hummed a few times, but there was no movement. The blood is still spreading, reaching my feet.

I ran out of the sales department. I know that at five o’clock in the afternoon, the loading opportunity razed this building to the ground on time, and then Mr. Chen’s death would be regarded as an accident.

Actually, I really didn’t do anything, although I heard the sound of collision.

I moved back to the original house, which is still all black and white. The house is still very much like a mourning hall, so that the owner tried to drive me away several times, and then I added the rent to him, so he reluctantlyKeep me.

I held Xu Han’s photo and said, “Han, they all died accidentally. The two people who killed you have all died accidentally.”

< br/> A year ago, Xu Han used to be a construction worker in Heping Garden. Because of his poor family background, he did two part-time jobs. One day when the project was about to end, Xu Han was welding a connection somewhere at high altitude. The safety chain on his body suddenly broke, and Xu Han fell from high altitude. Before being sent to the hospital, there was no more heartbeat.

I went to the construction site and saw the place where the accident happened, where there was still a pool of blood.

I cried sadly. A man with the appearance of a small worker stopped me, and he told me the horrifying truth-the day before the accident, he wanted to go home early for his salary, but he heard Mr. Chen and Foreman Bai say that he would kill a worker. The foreman surnamed Bai asked the reason, and Mr. Chen said grotesquely, haven’t you heard that if people die on a construction site, the house will sell out.

Hearing this, he felt cold. But because they couldn’t be sure if they were joking, no one said anything. Unexpectedly, Xu Han had an accident the next day.

I took his hand angrily and asked him to confront the boss, but he told me with a pitiful expression that he had a family and relatives and didn’t want to cause trouble.

I had to go to the boss alone, but they had already left, leaving only tens of thousands of dollars for the manager. I have nothing to do, and there is no evidence to fight a lawsuit.

After another few months, I saw an advertisement for the sale of the real estate and the demand for sales lady. I had no choice but to apply for the job first and then think of a way. Unexpectedly, the foreman surnamed Bai was recruited. I successfully entered the sales department, and then there was the previous story.

I was holding Xu Han’s relics and was about to fall asleep, but I felt a white shadow shaking in front of my eyes. When I opened my eyes, the white curtains were floating in the wind again. The previously closed windows have been blown open by the wind. I got up to close it, turned back, and was surprised to find that there were blood-red tears in the corner of Xu Han’s eyes in the photo.

I drew back into the bed in fear, and there was a pair of big hands in the bed firmly holding my feet. Those big hands are familiar to me. It wiped my tears gently, and touched every inch of my skin affectionately.

Yes, those hands are indeed Xu Han’s. I know he must be looking at me in a corner of this room, and he must have appeared in Manager Bai’s room. And now, it must have come to take me away.

Because after Xu Han’s accident, I was supposed to file a lawsuit against him, but because of the black money from President Chen, I gave up the complaint.

The next day, Xiaolan will definitely knock on the door, and we have arranged to go to another city together. butWhat she will see will be a cold body, and an unrecognizable photo.