After Liu Ming’s death, his soul came to the underworld and was locked in a dark room by the bull head. Although it’s not bright in the room, you can see the outline clearly.

Liu Ming saw that they were locked in this room together. Besides him, there were two other people. One of them was fat and big, weighing two hundred catties to say less; the other was very thin, almost like him. Just listen to Niutou said: “I won’t say more nonsense. There must be a reason to keep the three of you together… There will be a ghost messenger for the three of you in a while, and you must eat the food. Ten days later, I will weigh the three of you, and the two heaviest guys will be sent to the eighteenth hell…” At this point, Niutou glanced around the room and said viciously: “I see, except for the three of you in this room. Nothing else, except to eat food into the stomach…hehe, don’t think about anything else!”

The three ghosts were dumbfounded when they heard it. When Liu Ming thought of eighteen layers of hell, Lingling couldn’t help but shiver. He thought for a while, the two heaviest guys are going to hell, that fat guy must be one of them, that is to say, the thin guy is his only opponent, as long as he wins him, everything will be fine!

The three ghosts are in the same room, and they quickly become familiar. During the conversation, Liu Ming learned that the fat man was named Li Dafu and the thin man was named Zhang Gui. While talking, Li Dafu sighed suddenly: “I can’t compare with you, look at my tonnage, hey, I’m appointed to go to hell, alas!”

Liu Ming was preparing to give him a few words to comfort him falsely. The door of the house opened, and a ghost pushed in and put the food in front of the three ghosts. Everyone has two dishes, one meat and one vegetarian, plus a big bowl of rice.

Liu Ming and Zhang Gui looked at each other, no one moved their chopsticks, but Li Dafu didn’t care about three or seventy-one, stuffed the meat into his mouth and feasted on it. Liu Ming sighed and picked up his chopsticks to eat, but he only picked up vegetarian dishes, and did not move any meat dishes.

At this moment, Li Dafu has cleaned up his share of meat dishes. He looked at Liu Ming with a greedy expression, obviously wanting to eat his meat dishes. Upon seeing this, Liu Ming hurriedly pushed the meat dishes to Li Dafu. Li Dafu made a few words indiscriminately, and ate it hungrily. Seeing Zhang Gui on the side, he hurriedly gave his own meat dishes to Li Dafu.

In fact, how can the two ghosts be so kind, they are afraid that the more meat they eat, the faster their weight will increase, so they give all the meat to Li Dafu.

After a while, Li Dafu wiped his mouth contentedly, and said, “It’s so full, this meal is so enjoyable!” He inadvertently glanced at the bowl. For the rest of the vegetarian dishes, do you think again: “I’m so worried, I don’t like vegetarian food the least, but this thing has to be eaten, what should I do!”

< br/> Liu Ming and Zhang Gui said at the same time: “I’ll help you eat!” As they shouted out these words, the three ghosts quickly reached an agreement: Li Dafu helped the two ghosts eat meat, and the two ghosts helped Li Dafu.Be vegetarian.

Li Dafu only has one serving of vegetarian dishes, so he has to divide the vegetarian dishes into two. He divides them evenly, which can be said to be unbiased. This made Liu Ming very upset, and he decided to think of a way to make Li Dafu divide himself less next time he divided the dishes.

A few hours later, the ghost chauffeur delivered the food again. It was almost the same as last time, each with meat and vegetables and a bowl of rice. Liu Ming did not directly give the meat dishes to Li Dafu like Zhang Gui, but carefully cleaned the bones inside before handing them to Li Dafu. Without the bones, Li Dafu naturally ate very happily, he was not stupid, he knew why Liu Ming wanted to sell him well. Sure enough, when dividing the dishes between the two, he gave Liu Ming less vegetarian dishes.

All this, Zhang Gui is in his eyes, but he dared not say anything. If Li Dafu is upset and he doesn’t eat his own meat and vegetables, then he will lose out. .

The three ghosts finished their meal and spoke for a while, and then went to sleep. After falling asleep, Zhang Gui felt a little itchy on his body, so he stretched out his hand and scratched it. Unexpectedly, this scratching felt very painful. He opened his eyes and found that his nails had grown a lot, and became hard and pointed.

Zhang Gui felt a little strange. He looked at the other two and found that Li Dafu’s nails had not changed, but Liu Ming’s nails had become similar to his own. How is this going? Zhang Gui contemplated for a moment, and then suddenly there was a flash of light in his mind. The only difference between Li Dafu and the two of them was that they didn’t eat vegetarian food. Could it be that the vegetarian food they ate could change their nails? Thinking of this, Zhang Gui suddenly remembered a legend that was widely spread, and the corner of his mouth suddenly showed a smug smile…

The next day, the ghost chauffeur delivered the food on time. Zhang Gui took the initiative to put all of Li Dafu’s vegetarian dishes into his own bowl, saying that this dish was particularly delicious, so let him solve his hunger. Of course Liu Ming was willing, saying that if he was not satisfied, he could still eat his share. Zhang Gui was not welcome, and simply ate Liu Ming’s share.

Since then, it has basically become a convention: Li Dafu wraps meat dishes, Zhang Gui wraps vegetarian dishes, and Liu Ming eats only one bowl of rice per meal. He felt as if he had lost a lot of weight, and he felt more confident in his heart.

In a blink of an eye, the ten-day period is up. During these ten days, except for Zhang Gui’s nails becoming longer and longer, there is no obvious change. The sound of Niutou’s footsteps is getting closer, and everything seems to have settled.

At this moment, something unexpected happened, and Zhang Gui suddenly used his long nail to pierce it three inches below his umbilicus. Immediately afterwards, Liu Ming clearly heard a sound like a balloon venting from Zhang Gui.

Liu Ming asked in surprise: “You…what are you doing?”

Zhang Gui laughed loudly: “To tell you the truth, I often hear people say that when I am alive, the so-called ghosts are actually transformed by human essence, as long as Just three inches below the umbilicus, with a three-inch long hard object, you can let the essence leak out. I accidentally discovered that eating vegetarian food can make the nails grow, so I decided to take a gamble. Since we are now the essence Incarnate, as soon as you vent your energy, you will naturally lose weight… Hey, it seems that I won the bet!”

Liu Ming didn’t realize it until this moment, but it was too late. Niutou had already walked in with the scale, and the three ghosts weighed one by one: Liu Ming weighed 250.41 grams, Zhang Guizhong weighed 250.14 grams, and the fattest Li Dafu turned out to be only 250 grams!

As soon as the result came out, the two ghosts Liu and Zhang were dumbfounded. Before they recovered from their surprise, they were taken to the eighteenth hell by the ghosts Up. Niutou sneered: “One of these two guys killed his wives, who shared his sufferings for the sake of his mistress; the other drove him into a car, fearing that the victim would blackmail him, so he drove the victim to death. One thought he could eat less. Become lighter, the other thinks that venting your energy can lose weight… but I don’t know that all of these are evil thoughts! More evil thoughts will make the soul heavier. If the evil thoughts are not removed, why lose weight? I can’t think of going to hell, it’s just a dream !”

At this time, Li Dafu was secretly proud: “These two two hundred and five, don’t even think about it, we are ghosts now, how could we still be like people, looking at whoever gets fat Heavy? This must be a test. Only by pretending to be honest can you escape this catastrophe.” It turned out that this Li Dafu was a big liar during his lifetime. He really deceived many people by relying on his honesty, and he did not expect it to be the same even if he died. Can lie to ghosts.

Niutou said to Li Dafu: “You can get out of this room now, but be careful!”

Li Dafu just got out of the house After coming out, before taking a few steps, I suddenly felt empty under my feet, and my whole body fell. A bull’s head’s voice faintly came from his ear: “I think I am smart, but it’s actually two hundred and five! Fortunately, your sins are relatively light, so you can be sent to the seventeenth hell…”