Liu Tongfang celebrated his 50th birthday in the village. Six months ago, he invested 200,000 yuan to build a road for the village. The village chief strongly invited him and asked the villagers to give him a birthday and expressed his gratitude.

The hospitality is hard to be overcome, and Liu Tongfang is back. The Shouyan feast was unexpectedly set up in the village. A dozen cauldrons were set up in the village, and the shovel was stir-fried, and the fragrance filled the village. On the street, more than 20 long tables were set up, and more than 400 people in the village came to eat longevity noodles.

The birthday feast was eaten until sunset. People were satisfied, packed their cups and plates, and slowly dispersed them. But in a short while, the villagers gathered again in one place-the drying field in the west of the village. The drying field was originally a large empty field for drying food, but a high stage was set up at some unknown time.

Liu Tongfang was dragged by the villagers until he came to the courtyard. When he saw the brightly lit stage, he couldn’t help being surprised. The village chief smiled triumphantly and said: “I always remember that you are a theater fan. At the age of eighteen, I ran with the theater troupe. This is more than 30 years!”

Liu Tongfang sat on the stool and suddenly felt a little bit cold all over his body. The stage, shouldn’t it be loud with gongs and drums? Why is today’s troupe silent? Just to hide him and give him a surprise?

The village chief lit a cigarette and squinted his eyes: “Brother Fang, this is a famous opera troupe in all ten miles and eight townships. Know what to sing today? “Heavenly Fairy”! On the seventh day of July, the Cowherd will meet the Weaver Girl, and it’s your birthday again. What else can you sing without singing “Heavenly Fairy”? I still remember, you can sing Dong Yong absolutely! Let’s see how this kid can compare to it Go on you? I heard that singing this play on July 7th can attract gods from the sky, and maybe even your Weaver Girl! So, I told them to quietly before the play, not allowed It disturbed the ghosts and gods of the Quartet.”

The village chief made a half-joking statement, but Liu Tongfang lowered his head. The reason why he ran away with the troupe back then was entirely because he was fascinated by Bai Feng’e, the head of the Baijiaban! Bai Feng’e simply played the Seven Fairies. Who else can he play if he doesn’t play Dong Yong?

Finally, someone sounded the first gong, and the stage curtain slowly opened.

“The days of the palace are too bleak and clear. The eldest sister often says that the world is good, men ploughing and weaving time.” The seven fairies came on stage, the white fairy clothes, that The pretty dress, the voice of resentment and resentment…Liu Tongfang was surprised to himself: this behavior, this voice and smile, is clearly Bai Feng’e of the year! Thirty years ago, he was tender and affectionate with Bai Feng’e on the stage. At that time, the two hands were clinging to each other.

On the side of the stage, a sparrow flew over. Liu Tongfang was a little upset. He waved his hand, but another sparrow flew over. Then, more and more sparrows, almost blocking his vision. Liu Tongfang was angry for a while, and was about to ask the village chief to find someone to drive the sparrow away, but he saw the sky.Clouds billowed, thunder bursts, and a torrential rain fell immediately…

After all, the play was disrupted by the rain, and Liu Tongfang returned to the city unhappy. From then on, he dreamed every night, dreaming that he would re-enter the stage, wearing a costume, as if he was a kind of Dong Yong, always singing in his dreams, and he was shocked in a cold sweat.

After such a few incidents, Liu Tongfang became uncomfortable and called the village chief and said that he wanted to see Xiao Yue’e. He knew that he was thinking by day and dreaming by night. Why is Xiaoyue’e so much like Bai Feng’e? You know, at that time, Liu Tongfang buried Bai Feng’e with his own hands and stayed at her grave for seven days and seven nights. Thirty years ago, Liu Tongfang followed the Baijiaban to go north and south. Because of his excellent talent and hard work in singing, he was able to perform with Bai Feng’e within a year or two. For four full years, he and Bai Feng’e dressed up as husband and wife on the stage and became a couple in private. At first, the class leader of the Bai family wanted to expect her daughter to climb into the rich and noble family, but he did not agree that she was with Liu Tongfang. But Bai Feng’e had a fierce temperament and forced her to die. His father was helpless and no longer cared about his daughter’s marriage. Who knows, just four years after the two fell in love with each other, the stage caught fire when the stage was on fire, and Bai Feng’e and several other characters were buried in flames. Holding Bai Feng’e’s body, Liu Tongfang cried bitterly all day and night.

Liu Tongfang’s words are like imperial decree to the village chief. It didn’t take long before he found Xiao Yue’e and sent it into the city himself.

“Who did you learn to play with?” Liu Tongfang asked Xiao Yue’e.

“With mother.” Yue’e replied.

Liu Tongfang looked at her face carefully, exactly the same as Bai Feng’e thirty years ago! Yue’e went on to say: “My mother’s name is Bai Feng’e, and she is best at “The Match of the Immortals”.”

The tea in Liu Tongfang’s hand almost poured out. How can this be? Bai Feng’e has been dead for more than 20 years, how could she suddenly have a daughter in her twenties? Moreover, she also learned drama from the dead Bai Feng’e!

“Your mother is still alive?” Liu Tongfang asked.

Xiaoyue’e nodded, and added: “Mother is in good health, but her eyes are a little unhelpful.” After hearing this, Liu Tongfang straightened up and asked eagerly: ” Where is she now?” Xiao Yue’e glanced at him and uttered three words lightly: “Li Jiaqiao.”

Liu Tongfang was dumbfounded. Lijiaqiao, he will never forget this place until his death. It was at the Lijiaqiao Temple Fair that the stage caught fire! Bai Feng’e is really alive? So, who was he buried? No, it’s impossible! He may admit anyone wrong, but he will never admit Bai Feng’e.

Calling the driver, Liu Tongfang told Xiao Yue’e that he wanted to go to Lijiaqiao and visit her mother. Xiaoyue’e was very happy after hearing this: “Great, I have twoI haven’t seen my mother for many months! “

Lijiaqiao is a small town. As soon as the car drove to the side of the town, Xiao Yue’e excitedly pointed to the blue tiled house in front and said: “My mother Live there. “

The car stopped in front of the blue tile house, and an old woman was sitting at the door. Her gray hair was floating in the wind, although her eyes were slightly closed, Liu Tongfang recognized it at a glance. Now, that’s not Bai Feng’e who else can it be!

“Feng’e, is it you? “Liu Tongfang asked anxiously, “I am Liu Tongfang!” “

Bai Feng’e moved a few times with a dull face, and asked, “Which Liu Tongfang?” Liu Tongfang? The one playing Dong Yong? But he was already dead. More than twenty years ago, there was a big fire in the Baijia troupe. Liu Tongfang on the stage and a few troupe actors were all buried in the fire. I buried it by myself. I cried for three days and three nights, almost crying blindly. “

After hearing this, Liu Tongfang hit a violent spirit, like falling into the clouds of five miles.

“Speaking of which, he is still my child. father. “Bai Feng’e sighed and said: “The fire also burned my throat, and I never appeared on stage again. Fortunately, I still have a daughter. Without her, I couldn’t live a day. “

Liu Tongfang was completely blinded. He died? If he died, then who is standing in front of Bai Feng’e now? Bai Feng’e said and saw that Liu Tongfang didn’t believe him. He staggered and led him to the backyard. In the backyard, there are a few old locust trees, and a tombstone stands in the middle, with a few clear characters engraved on it: Liu Tongfang’s Tomb.

In this world , I’m afraid there is nothing more terrifying than seeing his own grave. And Liu Tongfang not only saw his own grave, but also saw his one-inch portrait on the tombstone. It was “Dong Yong” in his twenties. He is personable and heroic. Liu Tongfang is terrified. He can’t stay any longer. He has to leave here and leave this nightmare land.

When he walks to the door, Liu Tongfang suddenly It was discovered that the place where his Mercedes-Benz was parked was only a colored paper car. The driver who had been driving him was just a paper puppet! Cold sweat dripped down Liu Tongfang’s forehead, and he hit one after another. A few chills.

Twenty years ago, Liu Tongfang did have a gluey relationship with Bai Feng’e. Unfortunately, four years later, Liu Tongfang fell in love with another gentle and petite The girl’s father is a wealthy businessman. If he marries a girl, he will get the coveted glory and wealth. After a quarrel, Bai Feng’e told Liu Tongfang to break up with her unless she died. A word came to pass. Soon after that When I sang “The Immortal Match” again, the stage flashed and thundered. It was when the Cowherd and Weaver Girl Galaxy met, the lights went out suddenly, and then the wires were short-circuited and caught fire…All of this was carefully designed by Liu Tongfang. br/>
After running out of Bai Feng’e’s house, Liu Tongfang was panting and sweating. However, he ran desperately for a long time before suddenly realizing that he had not run out of Lijiaqiao. Not only did he not run out of Lijiaqiao, he seemed to be running in an empty field all the time. Suddenly, he remembered that this place was clearly Yucun’s grain drying farm!

All around, sparrows flew one after another, densely falling around Liu Tongfang. He saw the village chief like an ant on a hot pot looking for him from a distance; he also heard the harmony behind the scenes at the end of “The Match of the Gods” has been sung to the end: the words from the heart were carved on the tree and stay with Dong Lang Wake up and see, don’t be afraid of the rules of the sky being broken apart, I and you are in heaven and earth!

The curtain fell slowly. After a burst of thunder and lightning, a galaxy flashed across the curtain. Dong Yong was carrying a pair of children, facing the Weaver Girl across the river. Liu Tongfang was pecking at the crowd of sparrows, and he saw Bai Feng’e again in a daze. She sneered at him across the Magpie Bridge. A wisp of blood flowed out of Liu Tongfang’s mouth, and suddenly died of anger.